Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

XPC Web Hosting Announces Green Web Hosting

XPC Web Hosting is pleased to announce that we have launched a green enterprise hosting initiative. Over the past month we have successfully moved our entire hosting operation into the RackForce Cloud hosting system located in the GigaCenter green data center in Kelowna, British Columbia.

“As a business grade web hosting company in Vancouver we are proud that our operations are now located in the RackForce GigaCenter and running off their enterprise cloud solution.” says Shone Anstey VP operations for XPC Web Hosting. “In addition our clients have expressed their approval and excitement to have their websites at such an eco friendly environment.”

“XPC Web Hosting has been with RackForce for almost 2 years now. They are a fast growing web hosting company and recently needed to add more powerful infrastructure to meet their growing needs.” Brian Fry, RackForce Vice President – Sales and Marketing “By migrating their operations to the RackForce enterprise cloud infrastructure they have positioned themselves for rapid growth.”

Datacenters are one of the largest consumers of electrical energy in North America and thus one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Ensuring that they are as environmentally responsible as possible has become critical due to both the rising cost of energy and the onset of global climate change. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a green datacenter, among those power source and power consumption are the two biggest.

Datacenters in many areas are powered by coal-fired or natural gas electrical generation plants. These datacenters emit tremendous amounts of CO2 as a bi-product of their power consumption.

Tapping into British Columbia’s abundant supply of clean hydroelectric power, the RackForce GigaCenter has a carbon footprint which is 50 times smaller than the average coal-powered North American datacenter.

In addition by locating the data center in the Okanagan’s temperate climate, it uses new technology to take advantage of cool outside temperatures to regulate the temperature inside the data center. In addition, design choices like cold aisle containment and modular construction seriously reduce power use. Finally, technologies like virtualization, unified fabric network, and cloud computing improve IT efficiency.

About XPC Web Hosting
XPC Web Hosting is located in Vancouver Canada, and specializes in business and ecommerce hosting with expertise in Magento shopping carts and WordPress websites. We have been in the hosting industry since 2004. Additional information can be found at www.xpcwebhosting.com

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