Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

HostGee Opens New Data Center in Saudi Arabia

HostGee, a pioneering provider of high-reliability, managed web hosting for businesses worldwide, today announced it has expanded its operations with the opening of its first data center in Jeddah, Suadi Arabia. The new data center, known as HostGee SA, represents a strategically important addition to HostGee’s existing data centers in the Karachi, Pakistan, known as HostGee PK.

HostGee SA takes advantage of the vast network infrastructure of the Jeddah Economic City. This new resource enables HostGee to offer its customers a convenient choice between two geographically diverse server locations.

HostGee CEO & Founder “Shafiq Ur Rehman” has relocated to Saudi Arabia to supervise the development and implementation of HostGee SA and its corresponding network enhancements.

“As demand for our web-hosting service increases worldwide, HostGee SA enables us to provide more options for our customers by leveraging the massive Jeddah bandwidth hub. It also supports our aggressive international growth objectives. It is my privilege to personally manage this major company milestone,” said Shafiq.

Shafiq explained that the geographic location of HostGee SA is ideally suited to meet the web-hosting requirements of both new and existing customers in the Gulf, Asia and Europe. He said most HostGee customers in the eastern and midwestern Gulf, eastern Canada, Europe and Africa will continue find HostGee PK to be the best location for their content.

Shafiq concluded, “HostGee SA enables us to meet the demanding data requirements of selected clients in the fastest, most economical way possible. HostGee SA is directly connected to HostGee PK, to ensure an optimal customer experience. Customers utilizing any HostGee data center will continue to benefit from our unwavering commitment to high security, 24/7/365 support and on-site technical expertise.”

Climate Positive & Community Focused

The operation of HostGee SA will reflect HostGee’s commitment to Green IT services. In accordance with HostGee’s policy of climate-positive hosting, the new data center will leverage HostGee’s industry-leading, energy-efficient virtualization implementation. It will also practice 100-percent recycling of recyclable vintage hardware components. HostGee will also offset the carbon-footprint of HostGee SA by 110 percent through reforestation projects, as it does with all its facilities.

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