Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Zeus Launches New Cloud and Hosting Service Provider

Zeus Technology, the only pure software-based application traffic management (Application Delivery Controller) company, announces today a new Cloud and Hosting Service Provider Partner Program designed to help remove barriers to enterprise cloud adoption. The Program gives Cloud and Hosting Service Providers access to a range of software-based load balancing and application delivery solutions that allow their customers to deliver fast, secure and available web applications. Unlike competitive alternatives, Zeus solutions are 100 percent software-based, and require no capital outlay on proprietary hardware appliances.

Intelligent load balancing is required to achieve one of the primary benefits of cloud infrastructure – the ability for web applications to scale out on-demand. The cloud services market will reach $150.1 billion by 2013, according to Gartner. To gain a share of that revenue, Cloud and Hosting Service Providers need to offer a full range of on-demand application building blocks with a pricing model to match.

The new Zeus Cloud and Hosting Service Provider Partner Program will offer a tiered range of load balancing solutions from the most basic load balancer – Zeus Simple Load Balancer – to enterprise application delivery via Zeus Traffic Manager. Additional software modules like auto-scaling allow applications to scale automatically during peak demand. Zeus Multi-Site Manager and Zeus Global Load Balancer enable application delivery across multiple cloud datacenters or availability zones from a single user interface. All solutions are priced on a subscription-based model.

“Zeus load balancing and traffic management software enables our customers to build large scale web applications with the full advantage and flexibility of cloud infrastructure,” said Adrian Ludwig, Vice President Marketing, Joyent. “Our customers depend on Joyent Smart Computing to provide the best performance and reliability, so they can focus on growing their business. Offering solutions like Zeus that can scale in-line with our customers’ needs is critical.”

“As the Cloud and Hosting Service Provider industry gets increasingly crowded, price, features and service levels become more important,” said Paul Brennan, CEO, Zeus Technology. “Our new Service Provider Program ensures their customers’ load balancing needs are met throughout all phases of growth, making the Provider a more attractive option for high-value customers and enhancing their current relationships.”

For more information on the new Zeus Cloud and Hosting Service Provider Partner Program, please visit www.zeus.com/solutions/cloud-hosting-service-provider.html

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