Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Bitpalast Offers Inexpensive Web Space

Bitpalast has lifted the premium support requirement from its web servers. Web space is now available without premium support and has become more inexpensive. Affordable web space is new territory for Bitpalast, since up to now the web-hosting provider made a name for itself mainly with premium support and short problem-solving periods. Technical support with a personal contact was included in the price.

With its new, more affordable web servers, Bitpalast wants to find new clients, since affordable web servers are a gateway drug to web-hosting. Premium support will still be available for a low monthly rate. Clients looking for affordable web servers can waive the premium support and will receive free e-mail support instead.


About Bitpalast:
Since 1990, the company has been developing into a leading provider of systematic internet solutions and today operates web servers for international, almost exclusively commercial customers. The portfolio includes website design and web hosting services as well as personal support for each customer.

Bitpalast GmbH
Sensburger Allee 27
D-14055 Berlin, Germany

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