Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Bodhost.co.uk Introduces New VMware Cloud Hosting

Bodhost.co.uk in their latest announcement have unveiled a new low budget cloud hosting plan. The leading UK web hosting company has come up with the VMware cloud hosting plan mainly targeted towards small and medium sized businesses. Nicknamed ‘Startus’, the plan is priced at £29.99 GBP per month which includes: free setup, bandwidth of 800 GB, 30 GB HD, 512 MB guaranteed RAM, and Full Server Management.

VMware cloud hosting has proved to be highly reliable with 100% uptime guarantee, and scalability making it ideal for businesses with growing hosting requirements and for those who heavily rely on their websites for business. Recognizing this potential, Bodhost UK aims to attract Small and Medium business market with a plan that is within their reach.

VMware Cloud server hosting has multiple advantages over VPS or Semi-Dedicated server hosting service due to multiple servers that are used for a single Cloud cluster. If any single server experiences failure for any reason, VMware will automatically move the affected websites to a standby server, eliminating the possibility of any downtime.

VMware’s Fault Tolerance and High Availability features help eliminate even the smallest disruptions in the event of hardware failures along with its Distributed Resource Scheduler feature that continuously monitors virtual machines and physical servers.

VMware architecture for Cloud hosting solution utilizes clusters of high specification servers, NAS (network attached storage) device to reliably serve every single webpage, and image of a website. Inside each storage device, drives are replicated to each other in a RAID configuration to create a first level of redundancy. You can customize or upgrade the resources of Cloud server as and when your requirements arise.

Sean Barron- the sales manager at Bodhost.co.uk spoke to us “ Businesses with large online presence are choosing cloud server hosting as a highly reliable and flexible hosting option. We want all our customers to benefit from cloud hosting- thus we have devised this low priced plan which offers them the maximum benefits of cloud hosting at affordable prices.

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