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Black Box ServSwitch KVM Switches Deliver Military-Grade Security to Combat Data Loss

Black Box Corporation has debuted its new range of ServSwitch™ Secure KVM switches featuring military-grade security to combat data leakage across internal ports and to the outside world, protecting sensitive data and preventing electronic snooping.

Available in two- and four-port desktop models for both DVI and VGA, the ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB provides control and separation of two to four PCs connected to both secure and non-secure networks through a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Also, two of the VGA models support keyboards with integrated CAC (Common Access Card) readers, which is unique among KVM switches of this type, meeting Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) requirements.

The ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB uses Black Box’s exclusive hardware-based data isolation to ensure unidirectional data flow with hardware data diodes to provide robust security against port-to-port data leakage. Channel-to-channel crosstalk isolation greater than 80-dB virtually eliminates cross-port signal sniffing.

“Other solutions on the market use software-based data isolation technology, which introduces the risk of hacking or malware threats,” said Mike McCurry, ServSwitch Product Manager at Black Box. “Our hardware-based technology eliminates the risk of both intentional and unintentional software corruption that might expose sensitive data.”

Every ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB unit provides high-level, military-grade security, but the switches are also ideal for any private-sector business with extremely sensitive intellectual property or proprietary data security needs, such as those in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, or financial services industries.

The two DVI models are designed, engineered, manufactured, and shipped pursuant to the international Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (augmented by ALC_FLR.2 and ATE_DPT.2), and the four VGA models meet both the Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (augmented by ALC_FLR.2 and ATE_DPT.2) and TEMPEST USA NSTISSAM Level I and NATO SDIP-27 Level A performance.

Fail-safe physical security.
In addition to operational security, each ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB unit also comes standard with fail-safe physical security features, including tamper-evident tape on the casing that reveals a broken seal, as well as automatic disabling of the unit in the event of a breach in the physical casing. The carefully shielded metal case features dual shielding in critical areas and a low-emissions profile to subvert data snooping through electromagnetic radiation detection.

Each port is independently powered by its own USB connection, eliminating the risk of shorting or overloading the power supply on one port to access the others. In addition, the ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB does not support connections to sensitive analog inputs, including computer microphones, for enhanced crosstalk-leak protection.

Exclusive firmware authentication protocol.
As an added security feature, only Black Box provides a validation function to check the authenticity of the device on demand. If a breach is suspected, Black Box will immediately provide an authentication certificate under secure, separate cover to enable users to validate the security posture of the device with the use of the front-panel LED indicators. The protocol is provided only upon request and under separate cover (not shipped with the device) to prevent a rogue element from mimicking the sequence to give the appearance of security.

The ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB also comes with free, 24/7 technical support for the life of the unit, and it is backed by Black Box’s two-year warranty.

Black Box currently has a small number of devices available for evaluation purposes. To learn more about how to get an evaluation unit or to see how the ServSwitch Secure KVM Switch with USB can best be used in a particular high-security application, contact Black Box at 1-724-873-6556 or learn more at blackbox.com/go/ServSwitchSecure

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