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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Hosting Controller offers Free Licenses of HCnix Control Panel

Hosting Controller (hostingcontroller.com) developer of Hosting Automation Solution today announces that it will offer licenses of its Linux based control panel HCnix, free of charge for one year, enabling web hosts to get an essential piece of their hosting business up and running with HCnix.

Hosting Controller has embossed its name as a full spectrum hosting automation solution and with this promotion it has given a great opportunity for hosting companies to acquire free license key for entire 1 year to deliver Linux hosting services with robust automation. This offer is valid for all new and existing customers.

HCnix is a Linux based web hosting automation control panel which facilitates web hosts to manage multiple Web, Mail, Database and DNS servers on different GNU/Linux flavors within a cluster. Hosting Controller developed HCnix from the ground up in native Linux technologies to provide the greatest flexibility. It is specifically designed to be used in a distributed server environment as an independent Linux control panel.

“Hosting automation software is essential part of web hosting business and this is great opportunity for service providers to understand the value of HCnix by offering scalable Linux hosting control panel to their customers.” stated Babar Zaman, Vice President of Business Development at Hosting Controller, “This move will enable distribution of HCnix Control Panel worldwide to promote our upcoming module of Linux Virtualization which will enable web hosts to offer VPS hosting on Linux platform using XEN hypervisor technology”.

HCnix promotion is available immediately on www.hostingcontroller.com

Additional information and a link to download HCnix control panel are available at http://hostingcontroller.com/english/promotions/Free-HCnix-Linux-Web-Hosting-Control-Panel-License.html

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