Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

NameTough.com Launches New Secure Domain Name Website

NameTough.com is a 100% owned by a young family with the drive and passion it takes to compete in the highly competitive arena of the web hosting industry.

“We feel we are unique in that we are providing the very type of service that all people look for in the IT industry. We provide our customers with a feeling of comfort and security rarely experienced in the IT industry because of the hype and the highly over-rated marketing tactics found in this industry.” says Hevard C. Smith.

NameTough.com has seemingly mastered the art of domain name security and has most of its clients singing praises at their dramatic decrease and spending in their total cost of ownership.

NameTough.com will be launching in the near future under a new name has removed a lot of hardware and infrastructure restrictions says staff member Hevard Christopher Smith.

Hevard Christopher Smith has said that “You don’t need infrastructure to service your clients, just provide good, innovative service with Christian values in mind and that keeps them happy.”

One of our clients has completely removed his fax and copy machines, now we provide that service online for them.
Online calendaring is another service that we
provide, you are not tied to your corporate e-mail any longer, our web-based services ensure that you are connected anytime and from anywhere in the world, says Cayman IT Group staff member Hevard Smith.

NameTough.com – provides low cost websites, webhosting, ecommerce service, and is primarily helping small to medium sized businesses who can not afford the alternative expensive IT services provided by other service providers.

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