Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Hosting.com Announces Business Continuity Solution

Hosting.com, has announced the release of its Critical Availability Service (CAS). CAS introduces the hosting industry’s most comprehensive application-centric SLA (Service Level Agreement) to ensure the mission-critical applications and infrastructure of Hosting.com clients are secure, cloud-enabled and Always On.

The Critical Availability Service (CAS) has three main components: a high availability infrastructure, Entourage support and the Critical Availability Service SLA. The high availability infrastructure is delivered from one of Hosting.com’s geographically-dispersed datacenters and leverages the Hosting.com CAS reference architecture consisting of five managed services: dedicated firewalls, load balancing, backups, advanced monitoring and patching. The combination of the five managed services provides every customer the infrastructure necessary to ensure their applications are always available – and Hosting.com guarantees it.

The Critical SLA is unparalleled in the hosting industry because it is based on application availability – not component type. Typically, service provider SLAs only reimburse clients for downtime associated with a single component of their solution. The CAS SLA takes it one step further by paying double the normal payout for the entire solution when the application is unavailable. CAS is supported by the Hosting.com Entourage team which is a small group of highly trained and dedicated server engineers assigned to specific customer groups.

Craig McLellan, Hosting.com Chief Technology Officer, added, “From years of experience, we know when most companies think of Disaster Recovery – they plan for catastrophic disasters (i.e., tornado, earthquake, hurricane) and focus on validating that they could recover. However, companies are more likely to encounter a clinical disaster (i.e., viruses, human error, malicious attack) – which can be avoided through availability centric offerings.” He continued, “Hosting.com tested, validated and has now certified that our CAS configurations will provide a cost-effective business continuity solution to help companies avoid clinical disasters and ensure their mission-critical applications are available 24x7x365.”

Hosting.com’s CAS configurations are also available in cloud environments. Hosting.com’s recently released 2011 Cloud Trends and Best Practices Report revealed that 43% of companies will turn to cloud infrastructure to gain access to more robust high availability and recovery services. In addition, the report revealed that the number of companies implementing cloud to complement their BCDR strategy will grow by 5x over the next 18 months.

John Morency, Research Vice President of Systems, Security & Risk for Gartner Research, commented, “Having a continuously available IT infrastructure is a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable business resiliency. Recovery-in-the-Cloud services have the potential for making the delivery of highly available IT services achievable for a large number of businesses, many of whom could not afford to do so using more traditional infrastructure- and service-based approaches.”

Join Hosting.com on March 3, 2010 for the 2011 Cloud Trends and Best Practices Webinar to learn how SaaS organizations and those pursuing SaaS solutions have implemented high availability for their mission-critical business applications.

About Hosting.com
Hosting.com is a global provider of enterprise-class IT infrastructure solutions, services and facilities that ensure clients’ mission-critical applications are cloud-enabled and Always On. Hosting.com’s geographically-dispersed datacenters and Cloud Supersites, coupled with the industry’s top networking and connectivity technologies, provide the highest levels of availability, security, and responsiveness. The most recognized names in SaaS, Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services, and Government rely on Hosting.com’s business continuity, managed cloud hosting, and colocation solutions.

Hosting.com currently operates PCI Level 1 cloud and dedicated infrastructures and SAS 70 Type II certified datacenters in Irvine, CA; Louisville, KY; Newark, DE; San Francisco, CA; and Denver, CO.
All Hosting.com products and services are supported by 24x7x365 live expert technical support through toll-free telephone, email, and online chat.

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