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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Network EQ Completes Migration of Virtual Servers to Citrix XenServer Platform

Network EQ, the hosting solutions company, announced the successful migration of both customer and internal virtual servers to their new Citrix XenServer VPS platform at their primary site in London’s Docklands.

The project was implemented not only to keep the performance and reliability of their services at a highly competitive level but also but also to enable the company to service increasing numbers of clients interested in virtualised hosting solutions.

The company selected HP’s latest BL460c G7 blade servers powered by Intel Xeon L5640 CPUs and utilising low-voltage DDR3 RAM. The new XenServer platform not only gives Network EQ more than twice the computing power compared to their old servers but also a significant drop in power consumption; early power measurements are showing a reduction in server power consumption in excess of 50%. Network EQ also took the opportunity to upgrade to version 5.6 of Citix XenServer to take advantage of the latest features.

To be able to save over 4,400kWh a year of energy whilst giving our existing customers server upgrades with no additional monthly cost is a demonstration of our commitment to keep investing in the right technology., said Gavin Thirlwall, Network EQ’s Technical Director. We are already working on further upgrades that will be announced later in 2011, he added.

Ben Organ, Network EQ’s Managing Director said The updated VPS platform means that we can now service almost all of our clients’ hosting requirements using a virtualised solution, which is a great result for the business as it allows us to deliver high-performance, highly available solutions to the customer much faster than we could by deploying physical servers. The additional capacity will allow us to continue growing and expanding our customer-base throughout 2011.

About Network EQ
Founded in 2006, Network EQ Ltd. is a privately-owned UK-based hosting provider specialising in powerful and innovative hosting solutions. They provide services using enterprise grade hardware in London’s Docklands: the hub of the UK’s Internet connectivity. They were one of the first providers in the UK to offer enterprise-grade VPS services based on Citrix XenServer. Network EQ are dedicated to providing an unbeatable quality of service backed up by personal yet professional support.

For more information on Network EQ visit www.networkeq.co.uk

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