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Cloud.com Releases New Version of CloudStack

Cloud.com announced CloudStack 2.2, the latest version of its innovative open source cloud computing platform. CloudStack is a comprehensive, open source software solution that accelerates the deployment, management and configuration of highly-scalable public and private infrastructure as a service (IaaS) clouds. Using CloudStack as the foundation, data center operators can quickly and easily build cloud services within their existing infrastructure to offer on-demand, elastic cloud services. CloudStack is available for immediate download from the open source cloud computing community.

“Interest in building clouds, public or private, has significantly increased. Companies are looking to optimize how their IT is managed and delivered by moving to the cloud. The goals include cost savings, but more importantly improving the speed and quality of service delivered by using self-service requests and rapidly provisioned services,” said Michael Cote, industry analyst at RedMonk. “Cloud technologies are evolving quickly, now, and you want to pick a company that’s moving features out the door, across a wide-range of supported platforms and infrastructure so that you can not only get your own setup up and running, but be ready to take advantage of new cloud computing innovations.”

“Cloud.com’s approach and customer implementations have been impressive. The pace of their new releases is bringing fully-featured clouds to fruition quite rapidly,” said Michael Crandell, RightScale CEO. “RightScale’s partnership with Cloud.com is a natural fit for customers pursuing the full management and operation of robust private, public or hybrid clouds.”

Benefits of CloudStack 2.2 include:

Hypervisor independence: CloudStack 2.2 comes with out-of-the-box support for VMware vSphere 4, Citrix XenServer 5.6 and the open source Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) running simultaneously in a single cloud.

Advanced networking configuration: With the latest advanced networking features like embedded software-based network management as well as VLAN and Direct Attach IP, administrators can integrate with a virtual or physical network architecture that best fits their needs.

Borderless scalability: Recognizing that clouds go beyond a single data center, CloudStack 2.2 has the ability to manage multiple availability zones geographically dispersed from a single command and control console, allowing enterprises to expand globally while managing locally. CloudZones enable the federation of managed or hosted availability zones within a CloudStack deployment.

Streamlined administration: CloudStack’s improved user interface is streamlined to make administration of thousands of guest VMs easier from an intuitive AJAX-enabled web interface. Role-based delegation at multiple administrator levels enables self-service flexibility and agility while maintaining control over corporate policies and spending.

Hybrid Cloud ready: CloudStack 2.2 introduces CloudBridge, which enables applications to interoperate with other cloud solutions including Amazon EC2 and S3 APIs as well as the upcoming OpenStack API. Tight integration with cloud management partners like RightScale helps customers manage multi-cloud, hybrid platforms that span from the private data center to the public cloud.

Overall stability and usability improvements: CloudStack 2.2 includes over 100 new features to increase usability, capabilities and enhance performance.

A comprehensive list of new features can be found at http://cloud.com/products/cloud-computing-software.

“Deploying an on-premise, private cloud gives end users the flexibility they demand around IT services while offering the potential for far greater utilization within the data center,” said Sheng Liang, CEO. “With the advancements around usability, scalability and management, CloudStack 2.2 offers enterprises the fastest path to successfully deploying and managing their own infrastructure cloud. We continue to benefit from the feedback of our successful large-scale deployment customers and the open source community to further enhance our solution.”

Recognizing that organizations currently face a daunting task when trying to build their own IaaS cloud environment, Cloud.com provides the customers with the fastest path to owning their own cloud by providing the latest and the most advanced software platform for building highly scalable, highly reliable cloud computing environments. Cloud.com currently enables over 50 large-scale production clouds in deployment that have been built on its market-leading open source cloud computing solution including KT, Tata Communications, Nokia Research Center, GreenQloud and Logicworks. Cloud.com technologies can be deployed on-premise or as hosted cloud services.

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About Cloud.com
Open source software provider Cloud.com simplifies and accelerates the deployment, management and configuration of multi-tier and multi-tenant private and public cloud services. Cloud.com’s CloudStack software is being used to provide infrastructure-as-a-service in production environments at leading enterprises and service providers, providing them with exceptional stability and is unrivaled in both feature breadth and scalability. Founded in 2008 by leaders in open source, virtualization and infrastructure development, Cloud.com is backed by leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms. For more information, go to http://www.cloud.com

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