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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Open-Xchange Announces Support for Additional Languages and Linux Distributions

Open-Xchange, a supplier of open source business-class email and groupware, has announced additional usability enhancements and flexibility, plus enhanced mobile support for smartphones.

Open-Xchange users can now choose whether new windows open in a new tab or in a new browser pop-up screen. A new space-saving compact panel is especially useful for tablet users and for those using Open-Xchange on smaller screens.

The latest Open-Xchange webmail start page is redesigned with greater flexibility to give users the option to select which modules to display. And, it’s easier than ever to set up email filters, which can be established based on the subject, sender, recipients or mailing list.

“Our mission is to create the world‘s best webmail and groupware that is intuitive and easy-to-use, as well as accessible when mobile,” said Rafael Laguna, CEO, Open-Xchange. “We continue to make strides with these usability enhancements that let users set up their Open-Xchange the way they want, while making it a central place to aggregate other email accounts and their social network contact information.”

In addition, Open-Xchange will release a new preview of its Mobile Web App giving users access to their data on Open-Xchange Server 6. With a smartphone running a web-based browser like the iPhone or Android devices, Open-Xchange Mobile Web App offers online and offline access to appointments, contacts and emails while on the road using the smartphone. Optimized for low bandwidth connections, Open-Xchange Mobile Web App offers instant and fast over-the-air access to data, which is safely stored on the Open-Xchange Server. By integrating with the smartphone, users can initiate phone calls right from Open-Xchange.

Open-Xchange adds Italian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese as supported languages. Now, Debian 6, CentOS 5.5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 (RHEL6) are officially supported. Plus, Open-Xchange has now implemented OAuth for authentication of external services like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook so that users only need to authorize once and not login each time they want to access that service. With the “Social OX” feature in Open-Xchange, users are able to merge their contact information from LinkedIn and Facebook.

Anyone can try this new Open-Xchange release, along with the Mobile Web App at a special preview website, www.ox.io

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