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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

SMEStorage Announce Cloud FTP Support for Over 15 Storage Clouds

SMEStorage today announced that they have released CloudFTP, a new feature add-on for their open cloud platform that FTP enables storage clouds even if the underlying storage cloud does not support the File Transfer Protocol. This means transferring files can be as easy as launching an FTP client and selecting the files to be moved.

The CloudFTP feature continues a theme of providing ubiquitous access into silo’d storage clouds. SMEStorage already enables WebDav access into any storage cloud supported by the open cloud platform via the use of the CloudDav product. In addition to this, users can already use the Amazon API to access any of the storage clouds mapped to their account.

Uploading data to different sessions is as simple as uploading files to different cloud storage directories from the same FTP session.

Ian Osborne, SMEStorage CEO, stated “We continue to push the boundaries for our Open Cloud Platform. Our whole raison d’être is to add value across clouds and provide an open cloud environment that is functionally rich with multiple entry points using standard tools for our business SaaS users.

“When using CloudFTP all files transferred are still audited using our in-built cloud governance, and they are also logged for GEO location from point of origin to point of upload.

“Right now we believe we are the only real vendor who is focused on providing such value added features to other clouds and on a cloud data platform that is not silo’d and supports an amalgamation of data clouds. We plan to continue this with support for more clouds, more business features, and more ubiquitous access points.

“You can think of our solution as ‘Cloud of Clouds’ or us as a cloud data broker in which we provide sophisticates access and additional services to the underlying data silos. These data silos are becoming more of an issue for individuals and organisations and we are seeing huge growth in the ability to cohesively access and manage this data in the way we do.”


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