Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Web Host Liquid Web Introducing Smart Servers

Liquid Web has invented a proprietary technology called Smart Servers that blend the best of managed dedicated server hosting with the flexibility of Cloud Computing. Liquid Web Smart Servers are dedicated servers combined with powerful cloud computing features – all guaranteed by Liquid Web 24×7 Heroic Support.

Now you don’t have to worry about the challenges inherent with public cloud offerings like instability, contention for I/O, uncertain hardware infrastructure and enormous individual usage charges for every item.

The Benefit of Smart Servers

Liquid Web Smart Servers are complete familiar dedicated servers exclusively allocated to you, with zero contention for resources! This eliminates the security concerns that come with a shared environment like many other cloud providers. With Smart Servers, you will never have to compete for I/O with another user or be uncertain about the underlying hardware that your application resides on. Liquid Web Smart Servers allows users to select the exact hardware configuration they desire just like ordering a traditional dedicated server!

The Smart Server Provisioning System was engineered by Liquid Web’s Software Development Team in Scottsdale, Arizona and Lansing, Michigan. The Smart Server Provisioning System allows for powerful cloud enabled features including:
Automatic Migrations
Create one or many Dedicated Servers in Minutes
Flexible Daily Billing so you only pay for what you use
Advanced Networking Made Easy
Clone and Resize Servers with ease
Bandwidth Included

With Liquid Web Smart Servers, the hassles of a traditional Dedicated Server are eliminated.


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