Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

4PSA Updates DNS Management Tool IPv6 Support

4PSA has announced the new release of DNS Manager, the well-known multitenant software automation tool that delivers advanced DNS services to service providers and businesses.

The latest release of DNS Manager introduces new features and functionalities that simplify even to a larger extent the management of DNS zones and provide system administrators with enhanced control. DNS Manager 4.0 comes with additional support for IPv6, an auditing layer allowing administrators to monitor performed user activities using the web interface, command line or SystemAPI, as well as usability improvements that increase productivity, like for instance the ability to add multiple zone records from the interface.

“Most companies have already started transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6. Our goal is to constantly improve our products and continue to adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers. That’s why we improved DNS Manager’s IPv6 capabilities,” said Elena Carstoiu, 4PSA’s VP Sales and Marketing.

This new version comes shortly after 4PSA’s recent release of Cloud Licensing for its lineup of products. The new licensing methodology, also available for DNS Manager, was built on the core principles of cloud computing to deliver improved flexibility and scalability. “We wanted to offer a licensing methodology better suited for cloud computing environments. As cloud computing has been gaining momentum, old software licensing schemes have started to fall through. Our idea was to bring the advantages of cloud computing to software licensing and create a flexible, scalable licensing alternative that eliminates upfront costs and introduces a transparent and predictable pricing model,” also added Ms. Carstoiu.

DNS Manager is a complete, user-friendly multitenant software automation solution that delivers advanced DNS hosting to service providers and businesses. The product can be downloaded for free and can be used with up to ten DNS zones. Commercial licenses start from US $35/month.

About 4PSA

4PSA® is a leading innovative software development company, specialized in applications that run on computer clouds. The company provides, under the 4PSA brand, solutions that help service providers and enterprises better manage their IT infrastructure, automate processes, and deliver improved communication services.

The 4PSA® flagship solution is VoipNow® Platform, a suite of software applications designed to accelerate Unified Communications adoption by businesses and end-users. The products are built around cloud computing and provide unrivaled performance with the most comprehensive features, massive scalability, and the ultimate in automation. With the Green Commitment program, the company optimizes the use of power resources and helps organizations reduce carbon emissions. 4PSA is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certified by TUV CERT.

For more information, please visit www.4psa.com

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