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Fujitsu Completes Rollout of Global Cloud Platform

Fujitsu has completed the global rollout of its Global Cloud Services offerings by unveiling the full portfolio in Central Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. As a result, Fujitsu customers around the world can rely on a trusted, homogeneous global cloud platform.

Combining the scale of public cloud and the security and customization of private cloud, Fujitsu’s dynamic Global Cloud Platform provides multinational enterprises, channel partners and independent software vendors (ISVs) with the best of both worlds. Fujitsu’s Global Cloud for Central Europe is hosted at its Tier 3 Neuenstadt datacenter in southern Germany.

In introducing the service for Central Europe, which goes live officially on June 7, 2011, Fujitsu operates the world’s first premium Cloud offering, hosted in datacenters at geographically strategic locations including Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the UK and the USA, and backed by globally standardized levels of service.

Fujitsu’s Cloud Services allow enterprises to match technology systems and costs directly to changing business needs by offering a fully flexible model for Information Technology infrastructure, platforms, and applications. The highest levels of availability and a highly sophisticated self-service portal ensure that customers retain direct control over their infrastructure and help distinguish Fujitsu’s offering.

Andre Kiehne, Vice President Cloud Business at Fujitsu Technology Solutions comments: “In doing business around the world, companies are only as strong as their weakest link. Thanks to full support from Fujitsu Global Cloud Services that are tailored to their needs, multinational enterprises and ISVs can now migrate from legacy environments to achieve their competitive goals. Our globally standardized approach provides a reliable, secure, same-service-everywhere and eliminates unnecessary administration costs.”

The global Fujitsu approach delivers a single point of contact for the provision and management of all infrastructure requirements through its Cloud Services Portal. This interactive, self-service portal allows dynamic adjustment of services, change capacity and usage, as well as real-time pay-per-use billing management.

The Fujitsu Global Cloud enriches earlier cloud offerings introduced last year. Specifically, Fujitsu now provides customers with a globally uniform platform for setting up complete virtual data center environments including tiered network zones, with individual load balancing and firewall configurations. The self-service portal includes pre-defined and custom system templates for quick replication and deployment of virtual systems and applications. Fujitsu’s cloud model enables small organizations to perform like big players, and allows large organizations to be as nimble as start-ups.

Fujitsu’s Global Cloud Platform was recognized as one of the industry’s leading private cloud solutions in the independent ‘Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2011’ published in early May 2011 by independent research firm Experton. The report ranks Fujitsu as a leader for offerings including Cloud Infrastructure, with research based on Fujitsu’s pilot cloud platform operations in Germany.

In markets including Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal, Fujitsu is offering a free trial program encouraging partners and customers to evaluate its Global Cloud Services.

Global Deployment – Closing the Circuit

Fujitsu is the third largest IT services provider globally, and in CEMEA&I enjoyed above-average growth in 2010 in server, external controller based storage and IT services. To address local cloud computing needs, as well as supporting global companies operating across regions, Fujitsu has built its cloud platform on a global network of highly-reliable datacenters.

By working with its customers to foster new business and help solve problems facing society in areas such as agriculture, healthcare, energy and the environment, Fujitsu aims to leverage the power of IT to enable the creation of a prosperous human centric intelligent networked society that is both rewarding and secure.

The Global Cloud Platform is at the heart of Fujitsu’s cloud strategy. The company aims to deploy its diverse array of technologies and the wide range of services that it has developed over the years in new areas such as agriculture and the healthcare sector in which the utilization of IT systems has been limited, as well as in the development of smart grids and other social infrastructures. This in turn will allow new solutions to be offered, opening new opportunities in the application of IT systems.

About Fujitsu’s Global Cloud Platform

Fujitsu’s new Global Cloud Platform delivers bundled virtualized IT infrastructure, such as servers and storage functionality. These resources can be employed on-demand in accordance with a customer’s needs, and ensure a level of reliability that is high enough to support the deployment of companies’ mission-critical systems.

By using Fujitsu’s service, customers need not build and maintain their own IT infrastructures in circumstances when such an infrastructure is needed only temporarily, or for business systems with wide fluctuations in capacity requirements. Customers can utilize a cloud-based IT system by simply accessing Fujitsu’s datacenters when necessary, helping to significantly reduce IT system costs.

More information on Fujitsu’s cloud offerings is at http://ts.fujitsu.com/dynamic-cloud.

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