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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

IP Idee CloudSysMon Free Server and Network Monitoring Service

“Companies are moving away from low-level technical monitoring, ” remarks IP Idee co-founder and CTO Steven Reiz. “Now they can quickly see the server and network status that matters. The fact that they don’t need a monitoring server and that our basic subscription is free makes it even more compelling.”

Unlike traditional server-based network management systems, which often rely on low-level SNMP management statistics, CloudSysMon is based on cloud- and web technology. A small agent is installed on each machine that is to be monitored. It gathers high-level statistics about system components and sends these to the CloudSysMon monitoring application, which runs in the Google data centers. According to the users specifications alerts will be sent out by e-mail when a failure is detected. With proper authorization any browser can be used to access the dashboard and view the detailed tables and graphs.

This architecture not only offers high scalability and cost reduction, but also improves fault tolerance. After all, what use is there in monitoring your high-available web servers using a box that is itself a single point of failure? CloudSysMon is designed for the Google App Engine platform, with its excellent horizontal scale-out and reliability.

About IP Idee
IP Idee uses cloud computing, mobile applications and augmented reality to offer new solutions to customers. It uses technology as an enabler, often leapfrogging multiple generations of IT products to drastically reduce cost and open up new channels of communications with end-users.

IP Idee is a privately held company, with headquarters in the Netherlands and R&D facilities in selected off-shore locations. It is most proud of the consistently high reviews that its clients give for customer service and SLA compliance.

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