Mon.itor.Us Introduces Free Cloud Server Monitoring

Mon.itor.Us today announced that it has become the only cloud-based systems monitoring solution to offer monitoring of organizations’ internal servers at no cost. The company, which is the free monitoring arm of Monitis, Inc., has launched no-cost internal server and network monitoring as a service.

Since 2005 Mon.itor.Us has offered users – ranging from entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses, large enterprises, government agencies, schools and non-profits – free external website monitoring.

“The growing popularity of proves there is a high level of demand among the world’s companies for free cloud-based website monitoring to easily and accurately check their web servers’ uptime and end-user experience, as well as to ensure that all runs smoothly,” said Monitis Founder and CEO Hovhannes Avoyan, who noted that Mon.itor.Us users now number 70,000-plus. “Our outstanding growth in transactions and users shows that today’s enterprises (small or large) want it all – reliable on-demand monitoring tools that are hassle-free to set up and use and are thus more cost-efficient than even free monitoring software.”

Mon.itor.Us, celebrating its fifth anniversary, extends its free monitoring as a service offering to include systems and network performance monitoring. Mon.itor.Us has significantly enhanced its monitoring services by offering free 24/7 monitoring of internal servers’ CPUs, memory, system processes, hard disk space, as well as corporate Intranet applications via on-demand, hosted monitoring – freeing system administrators from worries about poor performance of their IT infrastructure, or worse, failures.

The best monitoring practice is to place monitoring server outside of a customer’s mission-critical production data center, to ensure robust notification regardless of the client’s infrastructure – even if all networks are down. But to implement that architecture, sysadmins need to do massive amount of work to adjust firewalls and manage distributed environments.

“Now consider hosted server monitoring,” Avoyan said. “Having a single small-footprint agent within the firewall and using HTTP(s) protocol for communication eliminates the need for system administrators to alter their firewall just so monitoring software can work properly. We enforce the best monitoring architecture at no dollar and time cost, and the whole setup may take just minutes with hosted monitoring solutions.

The main benefit of hosted monitoring is that is that it frees sysadmins from lengthy set up, configuration and continual maintenance of software-based monitoring systems. The benefits are hard to ignore especially in case of distributed infrastructure and when robust notification of outages and failures is pivotal.

“We are the first and only cloud-based monitoring solution to offer free all-in-one server monitoring,” added Avoyan.

About Mon.itor.Us is the world’s first free all-in-one Cloud-based server monitoring service, providing both external (measuring application uptime and end-user experience) and internal server resources monitoring (tracking used disk space, RAM, CPU, traffic). is faster and cheaper than even open-source monitoring software, as there is no need to setup and maintain a monitoring server. is a part of the Monitis family of monitoring applications, providing professional, premium all-in-one monitoring services – integrating application performance with backend infrastructure with cloud monitoring. As of April 2011, Monitis performed 45 million monitoring checks per day.

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