Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Webair Announces New Managed Dedicated Cloud Server Platform

Webair.com continues to lead the way in managed web hosting solutions with the announcement of their new Managed Dedicated Cloud Server Platform. The flexible cloud server infrastructure combines new elastic computing technologies with Webair’s existing award-winning managed hosting platform to provide a transparent and unified product.

The Webair Dedicated Cloud Server Platform is designed for better performance and a more cost-effective alternative to traditional dedicated servers. CPU, Memory, and Disk IOps are guaranteed and upgradable, thus removing the rigidity typically found with physical servers while maintaining dedication of resources. By eliminating all single points of failure, it is the most reliable single server solution. The system is completely transparent, no changes are needed for clients who traditionally manage and interact with their servers. Webair’s proprietary hosting platforms make it easy for clients to modify their accounts between shared hosting, physical servers, VPS, Cloud and globally diverse load balanced clusters while maintaining the same software configuration and IP addresses.

“Cloud server technology is an area of tremendous growth because of the flexibility and reliability it provides,” said Michael C. Orza, CEO of Webair.com. “We offer several cloud plans and clients can easily upgrade servers with zero downtime as their businesses grow and need increases. Our goal is to provide the best service, latest technologies and most comprehensive packages for our clients. This newly structured Dedicated Cloud Server Platform allows us the opportunity to offer simple and effective scalability for our clients’ growth.”

The state-of-the-art Webair Managed Dedicated Cloud Server Platform utilizes Webair’s existing cloud storage network which provides disk speeds not achievable by single- or multi-disk raid configurations. It eliminates the traditional hosting headaches such as hardware failure, RAID issues and capacity planning. Since its launch, Webair’s cloud storage network has enabled clients to scale their backend with a simple “pay as you go” pricing structure. By utilizing this proven technology, Webair’s dedicated cloud servers contain all the same benefits.

Each Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting plan includes fully featured control panels, e-commerce software, one-click installs of common software, unlimited email and the award-winning 24/7/365 support via live chat or phone that is the foundation of the solid reputation Webair has earned for over 15 years of bringing new technologies to clients first.

For more information about Webair’s Dedicated Cloud Server Platform services, visit Webair.com

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