Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Liquid Web Hosting Announces New Management Interface

Managed Web Hosting Company, Liquid Web (www.LiquidWeb.com) announce the launch of its new proprietary Management interface, manage.liquidweb.com, as well as a contest in which users are encouraged to help name the management tool in exchange for the chance to win a Kindle Fire. The new management interface, developed in house by Liquid Web, is set to drastically streamline and modernize the way all accounts are managed for new and current Liquid Web customers, as well as provide added controls to the users’ experience.

The manage.liquidweb.com account management interface features significantly enhanced functionality by adding an array of features previously unavailable to customers:
–Clone a server directly from the management tool
–Resize a server with the click of a button
–Automatic migrations directly at users’ fingertips
–API Access to programmatically control your infrastructure
–Integrated Firewall
–Advanced networking controls made easy
Manage.liquidweb.com will also bridge the gap between the management of our traditional hosting solutions (Dedicated, VPS and Shared) and our powerful new Smart Servers. This will unlock the flexibility needed for you to create extremely powerful and reliable Hybrid Hosting Solutions that utilize cloud servers as well as dedicated servers within the same physical data center.

Customers will experience the marked difference between the new Liquid Web account management tool’s robust and unique line of features and what was previously offered, via the PIMS Dashboard, starting on September 28th. All Liquid Web customers will be able to use their existing PIMS login credentials to gain access to manage.liquidweb.com immediately.

As users test out the new management tool, Liquid Web is encouraging them to help name it with the promise of a chance to win the soon-to-be-released Kindle Fire from Amazon. The contest will involve users suggestion names via the company’s Twitter and is outlined in detail here:


Image: Liquid Web Datacenter

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