Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

SMEStorage Add Support for iKeepinCloud From Ikoula

SMEStorage announced that it now supports iKeepinCloud, a Cloud file storage service from the leading French Web Hosting provider Ikoula.

The iKeepinCloud Service can now be added as a Cloud Service for any free or paid SMEStorage Cloud account.

Once added, it is then accessible from any of the free or paid native Windows, Mac, Linux Cloud Desktop tools, and also from any of the native iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 mobile tools. These tools are available directly from the SMEStorage or iKeepinCloud site (soon available in several languages).

SMEStorage CEO Ian Osborne stated, “We are delighted to add iKeepinCloud as another supported Storage Cloud. It now joins over 30 storage Cloud vendors that we now provide support for. As well as being able to be used as a traditional file store, it can also now be used with our unique Business Cloud File Server either using our SaaS solution or via our onsite Cloud Appliance.”

Clara Guénand, Product Manager for iKeepinCloud stated, “When we decided to develop our storage solution, it was obvious we needed reliable and strong partners. With SMEStorage, our customers can enjoy of value added services and clients, in addition to our secured multi-protocol platform.”

About Ikoula:

Ikoula is a French leading hosting company, owner of its Datacenter that hosts more than 5,000 servers. A pioneer of green hosting, with over 4,000 corporate customers and up 25% of growth per year, Ikoula places innovation, simplicity and customer satisfaction in the heart of its solutions.

Founded in 1998, Ikoula offers to its customers a wide range of different services from shared, dedicated, and virtualized hosting to co-location racks and managed services.

About SMEStorage:

SMEStorage is a privately owned UK Limited Company which focuses on ‘Open’ Cloud Data Access in which multiple Cloud Services can be managed from a single ‘view’ across all desktop operating systems and mobile devices.

SMEStorage provide services to individual users as well as to business users via it’s unique Cloud File Server product, which offers combined Cloud management, managed cross-cloud file sharing, governance, and audit and collaboration features.

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