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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

AllTrust Networks Launches New Cloud Platform

AllTrust Cloud Delivers Underbanked Financial Products via Web Services

AllTrust Networks announced development of its new web service-based platform, AllTrust Cloud. The AllTrust Cloud provides retailers and financial service networks more flexibility and efficiencies in managing their financial service offerings.

The Cloud platform leverages AllTrust’s expertise in biometrics, check processing and risk management. Designed to be customizable and modular, the Cloud platform aids retailers in their battle against fraud; addresses the inefficiency of multiple hardware solutions, and improves complicated reconciliations.

Companies can now perform check cashing transactions on their preferred front-end and have the option to combine it with a risk-reducing biometric or guarantee service. Additional services, such as bill payment and money transfer, are available on the platform and leverage AllTrust’s common identity management for faster transactions and better compliance programs.

The AllTrust Cloud provides flexible solutions for retailers and partners. The AllTrust front-end called Retail Connect, offers a customizable web-based POS interface that can also be private labeled. For companies interested in integration, AllTrust offers API’s (Application Programming Interface). AllTrust’s APIs are a framework of messages which provide access to our Cloud Financial Services.

• Retail Connect provides retailers a front-end point-of-sale system that is also integrated with AllTrust’s existing check cashing service, Paycheck Secure. The initial release enables retailers to process both check cashing and POS purchases in one combined transaction. Bill payment, money transfer, money orders, and prepaid services providers can also be tied into the platform.

• APIs are available for businesses that want to offer AllTrust specific services on their own platforms. Services available for integration include Check Cashing, Check Guarantee, Bill Payment, Prepaid Services and Identity Management with optional biometric ID. Businesses will be able to easily integrate these services onto their own platforms; be those terminals, POS-based systems, or kiosk solutions.

“We are thrilled to bring the AllTrust Cloud to the market” says AllTrust CEO Jon Dorsey. “We can now better serve our retail customers through the efficient management of all their financial services offerings. Additionally, the flexibility of our new architecture allows us to open new markets in areas where AllTrust has historically excelled; managing check cashing risks and performing biometric identification on large databases.”

About AllTrust Networks
AllTrust Networks is the leading software and services provider for businesses providing check cashing and alternative financial services to their customers. Thousands of retailers nationwide use AllTrust’s check cashing solution, Paycheck Secure, for risk management and check processing, and benefit from AllTrust’s exclusive check casher and maker networks. AllTrust manages the country’s largest commercial biometric database, with over 7 million enrolled customers and has processed $39 billion through its network. For more information visit www.alltrustnetworks.com/cloud or our industry blog at www.unbankedtrends.com.

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