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Minkels Data Center and Server Room Supplier Expands into US

Data center supplier Minkels, European producer of integrated data center solutions for monitoring, cooling, power distribution and housing, has opened a sales agency in the United States. Besides production facilities in Veghel, the Netherlands, Minkels also has offices in Belgium, the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland, as well as a sales agency in Germany.

“The ongoing internationalisation of the data center market has driven our decision to make the physical step from Europe to the North American market,” says Jeroen Hol, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Minkels. “Several of our larger European clients have international operations. These multinationals, including data center concerns and major corporations, are increasingly demanding that Minkels also maintains a global presence. The US is of course a very important market in which a local presence can be very beneficial.”

Data Center Solutions

“The local presence of our sales and engineering staff in various European countries, near important Internet nodes and data center markets, puts us in a better position to deliver data center solutions to our clients with international operations ,” says J. Hol. “Minkels own establishments in France, the UK, Belgium and Switzerland, as well as our sales agency in Germany, give us the cover we need to deliver our data center solutions in Europe. Our ambition is to create the same strong local presence in the United States.”

Minkels will be represented in the United States by Uptime Technical Solutions, a company owned by Patrick Moylan and established in Walnut Creek near San Francisco. Moylan was formally Key Account Manager at Wright Line, a supplier of data center solutions. Hol: “Patrick Moylan’s company, Uptime Technical Solutions, can draw from extensive technological and sales experience in the data center market. We are confident that he will successfully establish the Minkels brand in the United States. Also the location, in the vicinity of Silicon Valley, is ideal both for us and the clients of Minkels, as it places our sales agency for data center solutions near one of the most important Internet nodes and data center markets in the country.”

Modular Data Center Products

The data center solutions of Minkels and the manner in which these data center products are marketed make it necessary for the company to also have a local presence in the United States. J. Hol: “We deliver products that are tailored to individual client requirements. This diversity in needs requires a good local inventory of commercial and technological wishes and requirements, which must subsequently be matched to the solutions that we design, produce and deliver to our clients. The local presence of personnel who can support such a purchase process can make all the difference.”

Minkels can produce client-specific data center products thanks to a modular product portfolio. J. Hol: “Our modular data center solutions make it possible to quickly and easily formulate an effective answer to specific client needs in terms of data center architecture. Only relatively minor modifications are then required in order to create a fully client-specific solution.”

The move into the United States also reflects the customer intimacy principle that Minkels applies in its approach to clients. J. Hol: “For us, customer intimacy means that we go further than just offering individual products. We want to deliver integrated solutions, that bring together our data center cooling, our data center housing, data center power distribution, data center monitoring and data center management products. You can also call it customer excellence: we want to provide our clients with a solution that fulfils all their data center and business needs. As a supplier, you can only realise that by working closely together with the client and adapting your service to local conditions and needs.”

About Minkels
Minkels B.V. (www.minkels.com) is a European producer and global supplier of total solutions for data center infrastructure, with its head office, R&D departments and production facilities in the Netherlands (Veghel), own establishments in the UK, Switzerland, Belgium and France, as well as sales agencies in Germany and the United States. Minkels’ product portfolio is subdivided into data center cooling (Varicondition®), data center housing (Varicon®), data center power distribution (Varicon Power™) and data center monitoring (Varicontrol®). Important products in the Minkels portfolio are data center water cooling solutions (Varicondition H2O), hybrid cooling solutions, using both air and water, as well as Cold Corridors® which offer an efficient manner to segregate hot and cold air flows in the data center.

As a data center supplier, Minkels has a client base which includes large data center networks such as Equinix, but also large concerns like Swisscom (Switzerland), Radboud University Nijmegen and De Persgroep media firm (Belgium).

Minkels is a subsidiary of the Aegide Group (www.aegide-group.com), a major European player in the field of integrated development, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality housing solutions for the ICT and high-tech OEM industries. Aegide Group was nominated this year for the FD Gazellen Award 2011, a prize awarded annually by the Dutch business newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad to successful companies that have achieved an average growth of at least 20% during the preceding three years. Minkels also won the ‘Brabantse Economieprijs 2010’ last year. This prize, which is awarded once every three years, was set up by the Dutch Province of Noord-Brabant with the intention of applauding the efforts of successful companies who dare to invest in innovation and innovative products, thereby providing dynamism and economic growth.

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