Applied Innovations Selects Corero Network Security

Corero Network Security, a leading global provider of Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Defense Systems, today announced that web hosting provider Applied Innovations has selected Corero’s award-winning IPS technology to protect its 35,000 customer websites from sophisticated exploits that threaten the business of eCommerce companies.

Strong security against a myriad of threats, from malware to DDoS, is critical to thriving online companies, and critical to the web hosting provider that is responsible for that security. eCommerce sites, which comprise the bulk of Applied Innovations’ customer base, are especially prone to DDoS attacks by unscrupulous companies looking for a competitive edge and cyber criminals who extort money from online businesses by threatening crippling attacks.

“Our clients, mainly eCommerce companies, have a very low threshold for website delays, as their businesses depend on happy customers who can quickly get the information they need, make their purchases and move on,” says Dan Farrell, director of Network Operations at Applied Innovations. “If the website is sluggish, the customer is gone.”

Corero’s IPS safeguards Applied Innovations’ clients against malware and DDoS. Since Corero’s IPS monitors and filters both inbound and outbound traffic, Applied Innovations can observe outgoing attack traffic and communications with command-and-control servers.

“With the Corero IPS, we can easily remove malicious traffic and keep legitimate traffic flowing. Corero met all of our requirements for deep packet inspection to look for exploit code and malicious code, especially zero-day exploits, without any lag on the network,” Farrell says. “This allows our clients, particularly International clients, to maintain extremely high performance to the Internet through direct connections with their carriers to reach their sites hosted with Applied Innovations.”

Corero’s Three Dimensional Protection (3DP) architecture includes powerful stateful protocol analysis, providing the latest protection against vulnerabilities, worms, remote exploits and application-level attacks; transparent firewall filtering, which protects infrastructures against undesired access; and cutting edge DDoS defense technology, which protects against the effects of network layer and application layer DDoS attacks. Its low latency allows production traffic to flow unimpeded.

“A DDoS attack can be disastrous. A slow site — or a site that is down completely — can cost a company thousands, potentially even millions, of dollars depending on the type of business and the duration of the attack. Frustrated customers will simply go to another site to spend their money; they may be sufficiently discouraged that they never come back,” says Steve Turner, vice president of Technology Solutions and Services at Corero Network Security. “The Corero IPS is designed to deliver non-disruptive protection against constantly evolving threats. It provides maximum security for critical IT assets while allowing full access to legitimate users and applications.”

Corero’s IPS protects Applied Innovations’ many clients without draining its IT resources, and its reporting capabilities enable the provider to demonstrate exactly what attacks they have stopped.

“The Corero product’s ease of use means very little management,” adds Farrell. “And use of security reporting features helps us inform and retain clients.”

For more information on Corero’s IPS 5500 products, visit: .

About Applied Innovations

Web hosting provider Applied Innovations specializes in hosting on the Windows server platform for thousands of clients and some 35,000 websites. Boca Raton, Fla.-based Applied Innovations was founded in 1999 with the goal of providing the technology and resources that businesses (particularly SMBs) require to make them competitive and successful at a cost-effective price.

About Corero Network Security

Corero Network Security (cns:LN) is a leading global provider of Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Defense Solutions (DDS) that enable enterprise organizations to protect their critical online assets against risks associated with network-borne cyber threats.

Corero, formerly Top Layer Security, has been consistently recognized through the years for its product innovation and leadership by customers, media and industry analysts alike.

Corero is headquartered in Massachusetts, U.S. with offices worldwide. For more information please visit: .

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