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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Green Geeks Awarded Best Green Hosting Title

WebHostingGeeks.com, a leading industry analyst of web hosting services, has awarded Green Geeks the title of “Best Green Hosting.”

Criteria considered for the category of “Best Green Hosting” focuses on the environmental impact of the web host, requiring a provider with the utmost dedication to streamlining, reducing, and reusing energy within their server configuration. Selection criteria included overall emphasis on green-capability, measures taken to ensure minimal environmental impact, and overall pricing value, as well as general feature sets.

“With a 300% return on all server activity, as well as the latest in green-oriented processors under the hood, there’s simply no better way than Green Geeks to host your website while minimizing environmental concerns,” said Artem Minaeff, the man behind the WebHostingGeeks.com. The web hosting provider was chosen for its irrefutable dedication to saving the environment, as well as its budget-based and largely unlimited feature set.

Green Geeks is one of the only web hosts on the market to feature a wind-powered hardware set that returns three times the amount of energy used by their servers. The company’s policies, such as telecommuting tech support, also emphasize minimal environmental impact, making Green Geeks a shoe-in for the category of “Best Green Hosting.”

The hosting provider carries a dedicated focus on preserving the atmosphere, and it guarantees continued efforts to reduce emissions in the web hosting field well into the next decade. Green Geeks CEO Trey Gardner promises constant progress on all fronts to provide affordable, renewable resource-powered hosting without sacrificing feature sets or hardware performance. These factors, combined with competitive pricing and software support, make Green Geeks an ideal candidate for the category of “Best Green Hosting.”
This was also mentioned in a post on the Geeks’ Blog.

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