Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

SEO Web Hosting Acquires Over 65,000 New IPs

SEO Web Hosting, a multiple IP web hosting company with offices Durham, NC, has secured a deal to obtain over 65,000 new IP addresses.

All IPs will be based in Detroit, and there will be 250-plus new, unique C classes among the collection of addresses. “This acquisition is a fantastic way to start the new year, and these new options will certainly help our customers reach the goals they’ve set for 2012,” said Josh Ward, Director of Sales and Marketing for SEO Web Hosting.

These new addresses give customers access to the extremely diverse pool of IP space they need to step up their web marketing campaigns and increase their online visibility. They can be used on virtual private servers (VPS), as well as shared or dedicated servers, and can be set up quickly with no additional fee required. Data configuration and migration is also included for no extra cost. The addition of these IPs brings yet another layer to SEO Web Hosting’s arsenal of offerings, including dedicated SEO servers, which use the latest Intel Pro Series processors and come with IPs from up to 350 C-classes. Dedicated servers are offered for $3 per IP per month, with a base cost for the server. Other SEO Web Hosting products include multi-location, shared, and VPS hosting packages. SEO Web Hosting is a leader in providing managed and unmanaged SEO hosting solutions with datacenters in Nevada, Silicon Valley, Philadelphia and the UK. They offer 24/7/365 support, and secure and reliable network access using the world’s largest bandwidth providers. Services include colo, bandwidth, dedicated servers, and managed services, as well as US and European shared hosting plans, multiple US location plans, and more.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Josh Ward, please call 800-566-5936, or e-mail [email protected]

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