Certified Hosting Implements Varnish Cache for Faster Hosting

Certified Hosting, announced the addition of the Varnish Cache system to all of its servers. By introducing this state-of-the-art HTTP caching technology across all web hosting plans, Certified Hosting’s web hosting customers will be able to provide faster page loading times, and as a result, improve their conversion rates.

“The impact of slow page loading times is big,” says Kacy Carlsen, co-founder and CEO of Certified Hosting. “We can offer the best unlimited hosting services in the world, but the features of our web hosting services would be useless unless pages load quickly. Varnish Cache turbo-charges websites, giving visitors a better experience and making it far more likely that they will turn into paying customers. Varnish Cache’s ability to do this with no user-input is ideal.”

Once installed on an existing web server, Varnish Cache is an automated solution for handling incoming traffic and serving website visitors with the fastest pages available. Usually, when a visitor attempts to visit a website, their request for data is handled by the hardware server supporting the web hosting plan. In the event of large amounts of traffic, the server can quickly become overwhelmed by demands for content and act sluggish and slow to deliver pages. Varnish Cache intelligently looks at incoming traffic, and if a user requests a static page that does not require the processing power of the server, it immediately deploys a stored, or cached, version of the page.

“We’ve seen for ourselves the impressive speed increases that come as a result of using Varnish Cache,” says Carlsen. “In some cases, page loading times speed up by a factor of 1000, giving visitors the information they want, when they want it. For our unlimited web hosting clients, keeping customers happy is vitally important. Varnish Cache lets them do this by speeding up page delivery times, and also by unlocking more server power than may have been previously available.”

Although Varnish Cache was built from the ground up with HTTP caching and fast website loading in mind, the system also influences other areas of web hosting performance. Since Varnish Cache can automatically serve static content as requested by end-users, the server backbone is left better able to deal with complex data requests. Whether customers are attempting to run complex web applications or database-intensive pages, Varnish Cache helps the server cope with even the largest of traffic loads. Not only do these dynamic web pages see marked speed increases, but also, the server as a whole becomes far less prone to failure.

“Varnish Cache is a truly incredible addition to our range of web hosting solutions because it brings great results across the board,” says Carlsen. “Shared web hosting plans, reseller hosting services, and dedicated server hosting solutions all become even better with Varnish Cache installed, and that makes us more able to deliver the high quality hosting that our customers deserve.”

In the years since Certified Hosting was founded, the hosting company has grown to become one of the leading web hosting service providers, with many satisfied customers all around the world. With a forward-thinking mentality and determination to continually improve its services, the company continues to give customers even more reasons to host their website with Certified Hosting.

For more details on Certified Hosting and Varnish Cache hosting services, visit certifiedhosting.com

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