Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Hosting.com Announces Server and Application Performance Monitoring Offerings

Hosting.com, announced the launch of Application Performance Monitoring. The solution helps drive the availability and performance requirements for mission-critical business applications by giving Hosting.com customers deep visibility of the infrastructure stack allowing a proactive approach to managing applications.

Application Performance Monitoring enhances Hosting.com’s current monitoring solution suite which also includes Port Monitoring, Server Performance Monitoring, and Remote Synthetic Transaction Monitoring. The solution suite provides a comprehensive view of enterprise business systems and gives customers the ability to customize thresholds for system alerts so action can be taken before issues impact business. Customers can then use the historical data and extensive libraries of metrics to make data-driven decisions about their infrastructure.

“As many companies struggle with minimizing IT costs, effectively monitoring network, server, and application performance remains a necessary yet costly challenge. Ensuring peak performance is vital to business continuity and having access to intelligent data is essential to making informed, strategic decisions,” said Art Zeile, CEO of Hosting.com. “Our Monitoring suite of solutions provides affordable, out-of-the-box, SaaS-based monitoring so our customers business systems are “always on” and their business decisions are intelligence driven.”

Starting immediately, Hosting.com customers can deploy monitoring services either with the assistance of their Hosting.com sales team or through the Hosting.com Customer Portal. Deployment takes as little as 20 minutes and devices that are managed by Hosting.com are auto-deployed. Customers can also install monitoring agents on colocated or off-premise servers for a comprehensive, single-pane monitoring dashboard accessible from any browser.

For more information please visit www.hosting.com/managed-services/monitoring

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