Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

HostingNitro Launch New Web Hosting Service

HostingNitro is a new web hosting service which offers Internet hosting infrastructure with its three types of servers: dedicated, virtual and cloud servers.

HostingNitro dedicated servers, powered by Hewlett-Packard, are ready to meet the facilities for a corporate site such as for a high load cluster.

HostingNitro dedicated servers start at $40.

HostingNitro VirtualCloud servers start at $5.

HostingNitro servers are allocated in two data centers in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. The security of those data centers is provided by 24-hour on-site personnel and plenty of other specific features as mantraps, biometric and key-card access controls, CCTV and OSC interior and exterior monitoring, secure parking areas, user-defined access lists, and locking cages and cabinets to augment the trained and on-site officers.

Service is available: http://hostingnitro.com/

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