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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

MacMate Launched To Replace Apple’s MobileMe

It is estimated that up to 250,000 Mac-users worldwide use the web hosting part of MobileMe and are anxious to find an alternative host for their site. MacMate addresses the growing complaints and calls from Mac fans to keep iWeb, Apple’s popular one-click WYSIWYG web design program, in development and to continue their ability to very easily create and publish a website within minutes. iWeb will continue to work on Mac OS X, even on Mountain Lion, but Apple have not explicitly stated that they are dropping it. MacMate provides an elegant solution for those customers to easily and simply switch their hosting. Additionally MacMate comes with 10gig of cloud storage as standard and 3 email accounts. Up to 100gig of cloud storage space is available and unlimited email accounts.

* 10gig of cloud storage (web and webdav-based)
* One-click hosting from iWeb
* 3 email boxes (POP or IMAP)
* Full technical Support from Mac Specialist
* Online control panel
* Shared and private folders
* Really easy to use

Gary Hall, CEO of MacAce, the company behind MacMate, said, “We’re not competing against iCloud, we’re filling the void that Apple leaves behind – it compliments iCloud really. Apple don’t want to be a hosting company, we are a hosting company, so it’s an easy fit. You only have to read some of the forums to see the number of people who love iWeb and it’s simplicity – we think MacMate is perfect for them”.

iCloud is Apple’s replacement for MobileMe and focuses on syncing music, photos and files from Apple-apps. It doesn’t provide any hosting nor allow uploading files from non-Apple applications like Word, Photoshop, Excel etc.

MacMate’s hosting capability allows multiple domains and one-click publishing from iWeb as well as drag-and-drop or FTP access to the webspace. The MacMate disk sits on the users desktop just like a real disk allowing drag and drop of any file-type as a backup, or to work directly from. Users can also access and share files on the disk via the online control interface (or from any WebDav client on iOS). Email is comprehensive with virus and spam protection as well as an innovative auto-migrate facility to allow import of existing IMAP accounts.

Barry Rhodes, lead developer added, “Whilst this is a BETA version which we wanted to get out there so that people could move to MacMate well before the June 30th deadline, we have a massive amount of really cool innovative features and additions planned for MacMate over the coming weeks and months.”

MacMate is available at a special introductory rate of just 59 / $89 per year, with 3 months extra free, and can be upgraded to 100gig and unlimited email addresses. Domain names can also be purchased on-the-fly and assigned to hosting and email instantly. MacMate is available immediately as a fully-working BETA worldwide. Activation is instant.