Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

ElasticHosts Announces Cloud Hosting and Managed Cloud Servers Managed Cloud Servers

ElasticHosts, announced the launch of two offerings which will provide customers with a broader range of cloud services. The two additions to the portfolio, Cloud Sites and Managed Cloud Servers, mean the company will be able to meet the needs of all organisations; from micro businesses with no technical expertise right the way through to larger enterprises that want additional services such as cloud migration, server management, managed back-up and disaster recovery for their cloud based infrastructure.

ElasticHosts’ existing solutions provide flexible, pay-as-you-go, self-service cloud servers to organisations. With full admin access, customers log in, configure their software and adjust server capacity to match demand. By partnering with Hybrid Sites, ElasticHosts’s Cloud Sites provides scalable, redundant cloud web hosting for standard PHP/MySQL websites without the need for any server administration. Cloud Sites hosts files for the customer, giving them all the redundancy and scalability of the cloud without having to manage the underlying servers.

ElasticHosts has also partnered with Cloudways to launch Managed Cloud Servers. In addition to providing flexible, PAYG cloud servers, customers will be offered server management; cloud migration assistance; monitoring capabilities; and back-up / disaster recovery services. Managed Cloud Servers allows businesses to deploy a wide range of applications, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and Java Servlets. The Cloudways team will help plan, deploy and manage these or any other application on both Linux and Windows platforms.

Richard Davies, CEO at ElasticHosts, explained: “Although some organisations need full admin access and control, many simply want to host web pages in the cloud and don’t need or want their own cloud servers. Similarly, others need more substantial hosting but don’t have the time or resources to manage their servers. We are opening our doors to both sets of customers. Cloud Sites provides easy cloud hosting: customers don’t need to run their own server. They simply send us their web pages and we host them. With Managed Cloud Servers, we control the servers on behalf of our customers and offer management services on top of that. The aim is to make hosting something that happens seamlessly in the background: these new offerings are designed to make this happen.”

More and more, businesses are looking to move away from traditional managed hosting which locks them into inflexible contracts that don’t let them scale up or down easily. In an age where capacity requirements can change in a second, it’s important that all businesses are able to gain the elasticity and, ultimately, cost efficiency that cloud hosting offers. By expanding its portfolio, ElasticHosts ensures it has an offering to suit any business, no matter what its needs.

“Many ‘cloud hosting’ offerings are traditional hosting in disguise,” continued Richard Davies. “Customers find that the core benefits of cloud, flexibility and the PAYG model, are not there. The first rule of cloud is that it must be elastic and customisable to suit individual companies. In launching Cloud Sites and Managed Cloud Servers, we are ensuring that all businesses are catered for. It’s this kind of flexibility and choice that businesses sign up for with the cloud.”

To mark the launch of these new products, ElasticHosts is currently offering a free trial to businesses. Please visit http://www.elastichosts.com/cloud-hosting/cloud-sites for more information on Cloud Sites or http://www.elastichosts.com/cloud-hosting/managed for more information on Managed Cloud Servers.