Webzilla Webhosting Adds Linux Administration Services

Webzilla, announced that it will now be offering Linux server administration services to address the growing interest in managed servers.

As one of the largest hosting providers in the world, Webzilla serves a number of business enterprise sector representatives. Last year, Webzilla observed a growing interest from large clients in server administration services. Linux operating system is a reputable example of such a service, that the team at Webzilla believes would fit perfectly with their client’s needs. Linux server administration will now be included as one of the standard offers that come with the Webzilla service.

The server administration service supports the Webzilla staff to work with the customer’s server. Webzilla expert manages the operating system, configures the firewall, installs and updates the software, and monitors the entire server. Thus, the customer does not need to hire a qualified high paid server administrator. The first-class expert will solve the company problems on really favorable terms.

Webzilla has been providing administration services for a long time already, but has been dealing mostly with FreeBSD OS. Now, Webzilla has begun to offer Linux server administration services, just as the percentage of enterprise customers interested in that kind of service is showing a steady grow.

“Linux is more suitable for the enterprise sector. There is an increasing number of our major clients requiring managed severs, so we have added Linux administration services to the list of the standard services our webhosting offers,” commented the Webzilla chief technology officer, Konstantin Bezruchenko.

Thus, Webzilla remains committed to meeting all customer needs and expand its services in accordance with their requests.

About Webzilla:

Founded in 2005, Webzilla is one of the world’s fastest growing hosting companies. The company has datacenters in the USA and Europe. Webzilla serves some of the internet’s most demanding ventures, game developing companies and payment platforms. Webzilla specializes in fully managed dedicated hosting and colocation services. For more information visit www.webzilla.com