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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

UKFast Top ISP Workplace in Europe

After being named in May as the seventh greatest medium-sized workplace in the UK, UKFast has accepted another accolade in recognition of its extraordinary commitment to creating a great place to work.

The technology company, founded by Lawrence Jones in 1999, secured 31st place in the SME category of Europe’s Great Workplaces list for the first time and is one of only eight UK SMEs to make it onto the list.

Recognised for its effective teamwork, empowerment of employees and environment of trust, UKFast is the only internet service provider to appear in the list of 50 SMEs from the whole of Europe.

Twenty-one technology companies appear in the European rankings, making up nearly 50 per cent of the SME list.

Lawrence Jones, chief executive of the hosting and cloud specialist said: “We’re very proud to be flying the flag for the UK and for the tech industry as great employers. We are in such a fast-paced, skills-hungry industry that investing in the people who power it can often go by the wayside.

“My team are the engine of UKFast and I’ve always placed a great importance on providing a fantastic culture and environment for them to work in. We believe that a happy and fulfilled workforce and a team with trust, pride and camaraderie at its core goes hand in hand with a more productive team and, ultimately, satisfied clients.

“I was delighted to have jumped the ranks of the UK Great Workplaces list and now to be featured for the first time in the European list is a fantastic achievement.”

In the past year UKFast has appointed a personal trainer, Joe Cravagan, charged with developing employees’ work lives and has designed personal fitness plans for team members. Cravagan also led the UKFast team at the Bupa Great Manchester Run where, with almost a quarter of the workforce taking part, UKFast’s was one of the largest corporate teams to enter.

The 160-strong UKFast team also enjoys office trampolines, pool and ping-pong tables and computer games consoles in the games room inside the highest office space in Manchester.

The investment in the team continues with a private music festival (UKFest), film premieres, music performances, exclusive trips abroad and an office refurbishment, all scheduled to take place in 2012.