Announces Cloud Web Hosting Services

MTL Servers, a Montreal-based web hosting provider, today announced a recent overhaul to its infrastructure & move to the cloud. The company launched two new services within its cloud web hosting infrastructure -Shared Cloud Hosting & Cloud Servers.

The new services provide all customers the ability to reap the benefits of the cloud – at industry competing prices. “We feel that many are still struggling to understand the advantages of cloud hosting, and sometimes all it takes is an opportunity to spark interest in the technology,” said Michal Birecki, Chief Executive Officer. is announcing today its $3.99/monthPlus Shared Cloud Hosting package which offers:

5GB Disk Space
100GB Premium Bandwidth
Free cPanel Access
Unlimited Website Hosting
Redundant Failover
Free Migrations

“We believe that this new $3.99/month pricing offers potential customers great incentives to try our cloud hosting platform. Our 15 day no-question-money-back guarantee gives every reason for potential customers to trial our service,” said Michal Birecki, Chief Executive Officer.

The cloud’s hardware redundancy and high availability allows for failure of multiple servers with continuous hardware monitoring. If a server goes offline, traffic will automatically be redirected to the next available server – offering the customer a maximum level of uptime.

MTL Servers has always put forth its vision on high availability hosting solutions with today’s industry-leading technologies. “Our friendly and resourceful team of professionals are always working on improving the general user experience of MTL Servers – whether it’s utility design, hardware upgrades or quality customer support,” said Nick Mancuso, Chief Technology Officer.

About Us
MTL servers is a dedicated and cloud hosting provider that offers highly scalable, on-demand infrastructure services to end-users under monthly contracts. With clients in 27 countries, and hardware located in a state-of-the-art Montreal data center facility, MTL Servers delivers cloud web hosting & cloud server services.

Based out of Quebec, MTL Servers has a tremendous advantage with an abundance of renewal hydro powered electricity. 90% of Quebec power is generated from a renewable source such as hydropower and wind power.

MTL Servers network consists of only premium providers from Level3, Tiscali, TATA, nLayer & Bell. The company works with only the highest quality ISP providers to deliver its clients with the the best possible speeds & response times.