Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

YesUpHost Updates Dedicated Server with Latest Intel CPU

YesUpHost (www.yesuphost.com), a dedicated hosting service, launches a new customized dedicated server to help provide their clients with a higher CPU performance from Intel. YesUpHost looks to upgrade their servers by using the latest technology available while building a system that fits their clients’ needs.

The Intel Xeon E5 – 4640 dedicated server is the latest CPU to join the Intel series that YesUpHost offers. This model is the fastest CPU released by Intel up – to – date while running on 32 cores with 48GB of memory that allows them to handle more traffic and more information storage. At a speed eight times 2.40GHz and a bandwidth of 10,000GB/month, users are able to experience fast loading speed while handling large data files on a reliable and stable network provided by YesUpHost. Users are also given the option to customize their dedicated servers by upgrading the hardware or software to build their own business solution.

Their vision continues to deliver the same message: to create simplicity from complexity by delivering innovative solutions that will serve the demands of today while anticipating and fulfilling the needs of tomorrow. With a new website design and a new company look, watch for YesUpHost to prove once again why they are the top Canadian Dedicated Hosting Company.

To learn more about YesUpHost, please visit http://www.yesuphost.com.

To learn more about the dedicated server hosting services, please visit http://www.yesuphost.com/pre-built-server