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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Conexiant Announces Dedicated Servers and VM Cloud Servers for VoIP

Conexiant offers “carrier-grade” high-performance dedicated servers. These dual quad core Intel servers are dedicated only to the customer and not shared by others. Hosted servers are provided with FreePBX software at no extra charge.

“Customers really appreciate the direct on-net connections and low latency we provide with our dedicated servers,” said Gregory Giagnocavo, CEO. “It’s a key reason Conexiant’s server division is growing so rapidly.”

Conexiant installs and hosts these especially-configured systems in their main datacenter in Denver. This datacenter has 24×7 staff and is directly on-net with Level3 and other VoIP-connected providers. These voice servers are co-located in the same datacenter as Conexiant’s own core equipment for top quality, low-latency connections. They are available direct to SMB customers or on a wholesale basis to qualified Resellers or Wholesale Partners.

About Conexiant
Conexiant is a privately held wholesale voice services company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. Conexiant offers a private label hosted PBX, DID telephone numbers, hosted voip billing, E911 and wholesale termination. For more information contact Matt Grekalski at [email protected] More information at www.conexiant.net