Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

GalaxyVisions Hosting Announces Windows Server 2012

GalaxyVisions, the New York metropolitan area’s leading provider of Web and Internet hosting solutions, today unveiled dedicated server plans running Microsoft’s newest and most advanced operating system, Windows Server 2012.

To mark the release, GalaxyVisions also announced that dedicated servers customers who order Windows Server 2012 by the end of November will receive double storage for the life of the account. Fox example, customers who pay for 250 gigabytes will receive half a terabyte at the same price for as long as they remain current with their account.

The new operating, which was released by Microsoft last month, has undergone extensive reviews by GalaxyVisions engineers and administrators. The testing, which takes place whenever a major new operating system is released, showed that Windows Server 2012 is stable and ready for prime time.
“GalaxyVisions is proud to offer our customers this leading-edge operating system with so many great features that improve performance, energy efficiency and reliability,” said Ruben Magurdumov, GalaxyVisions’ VP and co-founder. “This is another example of how GalaxyVisions stays ahead of the technology curve and helps our clients stay ahead of their competition.”

GalaxyVisions Internet hosting clients will be interested in a number of new features in Windows Server 2012, including ASP.NET 4.5, support for the latest .NET framework, CPU throttling for IIS and dynamic IP restrictions to help prevent denial-of-service attacks. Windows Server 2012 also includes better support for open standards, improved desktop virtualization and remote access, and an enhanced WebSocket Protocol for real-time client/server communications. (The latest Web browsers – Chrome 16, Firefox 11, Safari 6 and Internet Explorer 10 – support the latest specification of the WebSocket protocol.)

Microsoft released Windows Server 2012 last month. Features include:
UI Simplification: Much like Office 13 or Windows 8, it’s much easier to get to the information you need with Windows Server 2012. Multiple machines also can be rolled into server groups – and monitored from a single window.
* Optional GUI: Machine resources can now be freed up by turning the graphical user interface on and off. This not only frees up resources but also improves security and saves energy.
* DirectAccess: Setup is now as easy as stepping through a wizard. It takes care of Group Policy objects, certificate configuration, DNS setup and more.
* Resilient File System: Microsoft’s new file system promises to be more tolerant of faults and catch corruption as it happens.
* PowerShell Management: With Windows Server 2012, PowerShell is much more powerful with more than 1,300 cmdlets out of the box.

Windows Server 2012 is available now for dedicated customers. For more information and pricing, visit http://www.galaxyvisions.com/index.php/dedicated-hosting/windows-dedicated-server-hosting. Current dedicated server customers can contact GalaxyVisions today to discuss upgrade options from earlier versions of Windows Server OS.

About GalaxyVisions
GalaxyVisions was founded in 2003 and is a privately held managed services provider located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. It provides affordable hosting solutions for companies of all sizes. GalaxyVisions supplies the servers, software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run almost any web-based application. From small projects to enterprise server solutions, GalaxyVisions will meet or beat the price of any competitor. GalaxyVisions is committed to excellent quality service 24/7/365.