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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Web Hosting Study Reveals People Prefer Speed & Uptime

JoomlaHosting.co (http://joomlahosting.co) announce their latest web hosting study based on a survey which asked people what they prefer in a hosting company. The survey found that most people prefer speed and uptime over other hosting characteristics. The people who took the survey were given the choice between speed and uptime, features, technical support, price, and company reputation. The editor, David Blane, reported his findings laying out the study’s purpose, question, methodology, results and conclusion.

The study’s purpose was to find out what a majority of people would choose in a web hosting company. By doing so, David said, “…it will change the way we look at web hosting companies. With the opportunity to ask a sample of the population what they would prefer gives us greater insight into the minds of web hosting customers.”

The question for the study was “Which would you say is most important in a website hosting company?” And the multiple choice answers were: Speed & Uptime, Features, Technical Support, Price and Company Reputation. It was asked to Men and Women, people dwelling in city and rural areas, people of all income types, people located in different regions of the U.S. and people of all ages.

The methodology was to choose a simple question that produced a clear result. David’s goal was to make “…logical assumptions about the real life implications it (the study’s result) may have”. For evaluating the data he used two criteria. First, the question must be asked to a diverse sample. Second, any result must be over five percentage points different than any other choice to be considered significant.

Results of the study revealed that out of the sampled group of people, most preferred Speed & Uptime by seven percent. Coming in second was Price and third Technical Support. David also compiled several other subsets of information to further explore the study. They can be found on the study’s web page.

Wrapping up the study, David Blane concluded, “It is a significant enough finding for us at JoomlaHosting.co, that we will definitely pay more attention to that aspect of web hosting. We are excited that we took the time and resources to explore this curiosity. In the long run, it will help our website help people more effectively.”

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