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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Vodien Internet Solutions Announces Rack Colocation Hosting

Vodien Internet Solutions has launched its own Rack Colocation solution for companies looking to save IT costs while enjoying the benefits of a comprehensive IT setup.

Nowadays, both enterprises and small medium businesses look towards colocation centers for their IT needs. In fact, for small and medium-sized companies, colocation centers represent the cheapest alternative for enjoying an Enterprise-sized IT setup.

That is why Vodien Internet Solutions has come up with the perfect colocation solution for companies of all sizes. Regardless of the location of their base of operations, companies can depend upon Vodien Internet Solutions to cater to each and every one of their IT business needs.

Before colocation existed, small and medium-sized businesses typically do not have the monetary resources to setup a comprehensive IT infrastructure. Setting up a private data center just for their hosting needs, will mean large amounts of server space and bandwidth wasted. In addition, this not only requires a lot of investment at the start, but companies also had to be ready to shoulder heavy on-going maintenance expenses as well. A data center requires a 24x7x365 supply of power and cooling as well as the presence of on-site technicians to deal with a variety of situations. Small and medium-sized companies usually face problems with this, and usually resort to just basic web hosting, however, the creation of colocation services changed everything completely.

What sets aside Vodien’s colocation package is the fact that they offer Full Rack Colocation at a price which is very competitive as compared to other providers. Vodien’s colocation services operate out of a data center that is over 10,000 square feet, and boasts of connections to some of the best network carriers in the world. With these in place, Vodien can provide its clients with access to a completely redundant network and bandwidth ecosystem, since the presence of multiple network carriers ensures that clients will have access to multiple routes to any destination worldwide. This resilient network ecosystem allows for a network-based 99.99 percent uptime, which is crucial with regards to websites, and a host of other similar network applications.

Vodien’s colocation services also ride on power supply systems which are also completely redundant. The data center is equipped with multiple backup generators, UPS units as well as dedicated transformers that ensure 24x7x365 supply of power. The presence of multiple units guarantees the supply of power even if one of the generators or transformers were to experience malfunctions. Dedicated and technically qualified personnel are present at the center to deal with any issues that might occur.