LiteSpeed Cache Settings with CloudFlare CDN

WEBSITEEDU have posted an in-depth article “Optimal LiteSpeed Cache Settings with CloudFlare CDN” about using LiteSpeed Cache.

“A caching plugin in a necessity for every WordPress website. It helps with speeding up page load time promoting faster content delivery. And if you’re hosting your site on a LiteSpeed web server, then LiteSpeed Cache is the best option.

LiteSpeed cache (LSCache) was made specifically for use with LiteSpeed web servers. There are exclusive features only available when using with LiteSpeed.”

The article covers:
1. Install LiteSpeed Cache & Cloudflare
2. Setup LSCache Basic Options
3. Setup LSCache Advanced options
– Minifiy and DNS Prefetch
– Lazy Load Images with Smooth Fade-In
– Integrate Cloudflare CDN with API Key
4. Activate Cloudflare Speed settings
5. Purge all cache

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