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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Google Anthos Hybrid Cloud Platform

Google Anthos is Google Cloud’s open platform that lets you run apps anywhere, easily, flexibly, and securely.

Adopting open standards, Anthos enables applications to run unmodified on existing hardware investments or in the public cloud and is built on Google’s announced cloud services platform.

As organizations adopt cloud-native technologies such as containers, container orchestration, and service meshes, they typically reach a point where running a single cluster is no longer sufficient. There are many reasons why organizations choose to implement multiple clusters to meet their business and technical goals. For example the separation of production environments from non-production environments, different regulatory restrictions or the separation of services across different tiers, locations or teams. However, using multiple clusters introduces challenges and overhead in terms of consistent configuration, security, and management: For example, manually configuring one cluster at a time can lead to errors, and it can be difficult to identify exactly where the errors are occurring.

More information: https://cloud.google.com/anthos/docs/concepts/overview