Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

20i Announces New Reseller Hosting Promotion Offering $200 Incentives for Switchers

As the demand for dependable and high-quality reseller hosting solutions grows, 20i has announced a limited-time promotion tailored specifically for those in the reseller industry. Starting today, new customers can pocket up to $200 simply by switching from their current provider to 20i reseller hosting.

This move comes as the web hosting industry sees an increase in demand for more advanced and reliable reseller hosting solutions, but customers can often find themselves locked in with their current supplier. While many web hosts commonly use cPanel-based systems, 20i’s offer is different, emphasizing several distinguishing features such as autoscaling cloud hosting, WordPress specific optimizations and features, integrated speed enhancing tools like free CDN and a fully customisable hosting control panel for your customers.

Because 20i develop their technology in-house they are not beholden to 3rd party price increases from suppliers like cPanel, and they are free to develop and improve their services based on customer feedback. Additionally, 20i’s Migration Centre enables resellers to move all their files, databases and email across automatically.

20i Director, Lloyd Cobb commented “As we continually strive to offer top-tier solutions in the reseller hosting industry, we recognize the importance of simplicity, performance, and reliability. Our new promotion underscores our commitment to empowering resellers and helping them get the best service possible.”

For additional details on this promotion, or to get started with 20i Reseller Hosting visit www.20i.com/us/reseller-hosting