Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Hostway Integrates AutomaticSiteMap to Boost Customers Search Traffic

In February, Hostway Corporation will begin rolling out to its 1.5 million retail and channel customers new technology that submits each page of their Web site directly to major search engines.

The integration with AutomaticSiteMap is part of Hostway’s strategy to deliver advanced online marketing technology at no cost to its customers. The agreement allows Hostway customers to receive AutomaticSiteMap’s basic service level, a $60 annual value, at no cost.
AutomaticSiteMap ensures that Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask.com have up-to-date, page-by-page information about every Hostway customers’ site without waiting for the search engines to find the content among millions of sites on the Web. Hostway is the first major Web hosting provider to integrate this new direct XML Sitemap submission technology, now recommended by all major search engines. Hostway customers will be able to manage their AutomaticSiteMap service (including optional expanded service levels) from within their Web hosting control panel.

“This is the only system we found that can handle Web site submission on a massive scale to boost search engine rankings for all our customers. AutomaticSiteMap is an exact fit with the other technologies and services we provide to help our customers make more money online,” said John Lee, Hostway’s senior vice president of small business hosting. “AutomaticSiteMap’s turnkey system is directly integrated into our control panel and automatically delivered to our customers so that they can increase search traffic without taking any additional action.”

“By making this a standard feature of all Web hosting plans, and automatically deploying it across their entire network, Hostway solves a common problem–getting traffic–for all its customers,” added AutomaticSiteMap Vice President of Business Development Troy McCasland. “Since introducing AutomaticSiteMap last year, tens of thousands of sites of all types and sizes have discovered a new and innovative way to get traffic and be more successful.”

Lee has seen the success firsthand. Before finalizing the partnership, Hostway product managers tested dozens of Web site submission products and found AutomaticSiteMap worked the best. One of the product managers tested AutomaticSiteMap on a personal Web site.

“Signup was simple, and within just hours my site started appearing in organic search results on Google and Yahoo!,” he said.

Lee added, “this is something all our customers need. It’s a great addition to our hosting plans and services.”

What does AutomaticSiteMap technology do?
AutomaticSiteMap’s service is new technology that helps Web sites and blogs boost search engine visibility, targeted site traffic and sales. The service crawls Web sites for content, even discovering pages, such as dynamic content not normally found by search engine crawlers. All pages are then automatically formatted into an XML Sitemap and directly submitted to the XML interface of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. The service is completely Web-based, with no software to install. Customers manage their service using a feature-rich online dashboard that provides extensive reporting, search engine optimization data and recommendations.

AutomaticSiteMap for Hostway Customers
All Hostway’s retail customers will receive a no-cost, monthly AutomaticSiteMap account. No implementation steps are required as Hostway will automatically update each customer’s robots.txt file with the unique URL where AutomaticSiteMap will host the customer’s XML Sitemap file.

About AutomaticSiteMap
Founded in June 2009 by a team of successful Internet entrepreneurs in Napa, CA, AutomaticSiteMap uses innovative server-based search engine optimization technologies to help customers of all sizes increase their search engine visibility and rankings. The company sells its services directly, and through a reseller channel of Web hosts, Web designers and search industry agencies. For more information, visit AutomaticSiteMap, or call toll free 888-317-3994.

About Hostway Corporation
Hostway Corporation provides domain name registration, Web hosting and ecommerce, colocation, managed dedicated hosting, SaaS hosting, Web design and online marketing services to over 1.4 million Web sites and 2 million customers worldwide. It operates over 250,000 square feet of state-of-the-art data centers that reduce the complexity and cost of Web-based technologies for small businesses and large enterprises. Founded in 1998, Hostway is one of the world’s largest Web hosting companies with a direct presence in 13 countries, 17 worldwide operation centers and more than 700 employees.

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