Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Web Host InetServices Launches New Website for Cloud Services

Showcasing its comprehensive suite of cloud hosting services, web hosting provider InetServices (www.inetservices.com) has officially launched its new website, www.inetservicescloud.com, dedicated specifically to cloud hosting services.

According to its Friday announcement, InetServices, which provides dedicated servers, managed dedicated servers, and cloud computing, launched the site to increase the visibility of its InetServicesCloud, introduced in October 2009.
Sensing a greater than expected interest in InetServicesCloud services, InetServices chief operating officer Kevin Soendker said in a statement, “[W]e decided to provide potential customers with a website that focuses specifically on cloud services. This new website is also a preemptive move for creating InetServicesCloud as a separate division of InetServices targeted for the beginning of the second quarter 2010.”

The InetServicesCloud offers customers a high-performance, highly reliable and scalable cloud computing infrastructure powering three offerings: virtual machine hosting, virtual private data centers, and virtual storage. An alternative to traditional dedicated servers, InetServices’s virtual machine hosting is priced starting at $99 per month. Providing a more secure and reliable environment than a public cloud, the Virtual Private Data Center is available in both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V varieties, and custom-made clouds are also available.

“The new website makes it easy for online visitors to easily scan all the cloud service offerings without getting confused with those for dedicated and managed servers,” Soendker said. “The one thing we have found over the past several months is that most small businesses are still confused in understanding the differences and benefits from dedicated servers, virtual dedicated servers, and virtual private servers. We pre-released the InetServicesCloud site over 30 days ago and the feedback as well as orders has exceeded all our expectations.”

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