Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

secureVirtual’s VMware Cloud Hosting Platform Available to IT Consultants

secureVirtual’s latest venture enables IT consultancy’s to partner with them and use their VMware Virtual Hosting Platform (SVi) as their own. Consultants can provide their clients with enterprise class hosting, save them money, increase their IT resilience and still remain in complete control. Plus with a competitive reseller agreement, consultants can benefit financially from the latest outsourcing model.

There are many benefits for IT consultancy’s who partner with secureVirtual and use their SVi hosting platform including:

– Access to the technology normally only available to the corporate companies with large budgets.

– Consultants can focus on managing the client and end user support. secureVirtual will focus on keeping the services available and providing a 100% SLA.

– Consultants can design their own environments, administer their own servers and ask for our help when it’s needed.

– Consultants get access to the secureVirtual team of experienced hosting and virtualisation experts. Further adding benefits to the consultants clients.

– Using an enterprise class platform allows numerous disaster recovery options, high availability configurations and gives customers complete confidence in where their data is being stored.

A partner consultant can also use any of secureVirtual’s solutions, tools or services as their own. This could include Vmware Virtual Servers, Hosted Desktops, Application Hosting, VMware consultancy and many more. They can also choose to white label the platform or present secureVirtual as a partner to add weight to the consultants own proposals.

secureVirtual are focused on working with corporate internal IT teams and IT consultants to deliver enterprise class hosting services.

Why not meet them for a no obligation coffee and find out more.

What is the SVi platform:

SVi (secureVirtual infrastructure) was one of the first cloud hosting platforms born. Initially built in 2005 to host mission critical services for corporate clients. It has since gone through 5 years of heavy investment and evolved into the no single point of failure platform presented today. More information about SVi can be found on the secureVitrual website. Information can also be found on how secureVirtual use VMware, multiple data centres, numerous fibres and internet connections and exactly how they achieve the highest resilience levels and reliable DR solutions.

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