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Zmanda Announces MySQL Backup Option for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

Zmanda™ announced Tivoli Storage Manager™ (TSM) Option for Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL. For the first time, Tivoli administrators can now incorporate comprehensive backups of MySQL databases as part of an enterprise-wide backup and disaster recovery strategy. MySQL users can now have their data protection policies be managed by Tivoli. The ZRM-TSM Option is available immediately.

TSM is a centralized, policy-based, enterprise class, data backup and recovery application. ZRM-TSM Option allows IT managers to implement live backup of MySQL databases and seamless integration with TSM. ZRM-TSM performs full and incremental backups of MySQL and backup archives can be stored on any storage media.

“By achieving Ready for Tivoli certification, Zmanda has proven the reliability and seamless integration expected by TSM users,” said Richard Vining, Product Marketing Manager, IBM Tivoli Storage. “The advanced database protection capabilities of Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL, coupled with the leading storage management features offered by IBM TSM, will tremendously benefit our customers as they overcome the data availability challenges faced in today’s business environment.”

Combined with Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL, this product provides full functionality of a database backup agent for Tivoli. ZRM-TSM Option is designed by MySQL experts and system backup veterans at Zmanda, and meets the needs of both the MySQL DBAs and system administrators.

“MySQL continues to be deployed in increasing number of mission critical environments – many of which use TSM as their backup infrastructure,” said Chander Kant, chief executive officer, Zmanda. “ZRM-TSM option enables Tivoli administrators to incorporate MySQL into their site wide policies, making its enterprise adoption even easier.”

The key features of ZRM-TSM for MySQL Option include:

Centralized Backups: This option centrally protects multiple MySQL databases running on any operating system;
Automated Scheduling: Full and incremental backups of MySQL that can be scheduled based on specific system resources and backup policies;
Performance: Various backup methods are available for protecting MySQL, including Snapshot-based backups. ZRM-TSM takes incremental backups and correlates them with appropriate full system backups;
Easy to Manage: Zmanda Management Console offers an intuitive browser-based interface for configuring and managing the backup and restore of MySQL databases;
Compatibility: All MySQL storage engines are supported, including InnoDB and MyISAM;
Visual Log Analyzer: MySQL DBAs can use the built-in visual log analyzer to search logs of their databases and quickly identify a desired point of recovery;
The ZRM-TSM Option has earned the Ready for IBM Tivoli software validation, which demonstrates that the software meets or exceeds IBM compatibility criteria, and successfully integrates with IBM Tivoli software products. The ZRM-TSM Option is also included in the IBM Tivoli Open Process Automation Library (OPAL), and provides customers with a community of deployable resources, assuring both Zmanda and IBM customers of proven service management solutions.

ZRM is targeted at mid-sized and enterprise customers, and can be purchased through Zmanda’s online store at a starting price of $300 per MySQL server. The ZRM-TSM Option is available immediately as an add-on to ZRM 3.1 at a starting price of $1,000 per ZRM server. For more details on ZRM-TSM, please visit: http://www.zmanda.com/tivoli-mysql-backup.html.

About Zmanda

Zmanda, based in Sunnyvale, California, is the global leader in open source backup and cloud backup. The company’s products — Amanda Enterprise, Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL, and Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) — make it simple and affordable to backup and recover data in an increasingly complex and heterogeneous IT environment. Amanda Enterprise is an enterprise-grade, network backup solution based on Amanda, the world’s most popular open source backup and recovery software with more than half a million active installations worldwide. ZRM for MySQL is the first mission-critical backup solution designed specifically for MySQL databases. ZCB is the first Windows backup solution to backup both files and live applications to the Amazon S3 storage cloud. Businesses in more than 55 countries trust Zmanda to protect their corporate data. For more information about Zmanda, please contact [email protected] or go to http://www.zmanda.com/

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