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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Fotobounce™ Signs Partner Deal with 1&1

Fotobounce digital photo organization and sharing software announces the addition of its newest partner, 1&1 Internet Inc., Fotobounce is a software program developed by Applied Recognition, Inc. that uses patent-pending face recognition technology to help users quickly find and organize photos, create albums and share the results with friends and family. 1&1 is a subsidiary of United Internet, a public company with a market cap of $3 billion, and is the world’s largest web hosting company with a global community of nine million customers.

As a Fotobounce partner, 1&1 Internet Inc. will be able to provide its customers with a complimentary version of this sophisticated, yet simple-to-use photo management software tool. This free customer version of Fotobounce is an excellent value for 1&1 customers, saving them the $49 US regular license fee and is another example of the many ways 1&1 provides valuable resources to its customers.

What makes Fotobounce superior to other photo organization tools is its use of advanced face detection and face recognition technology to accurately and quickly tag photos with the names of friends and family members. Tags are keywords used to describe a piece of data — be it a web page, documents, or in this case, digital photos. Once tagged, photos of specific individuals can be located almost instantly. Another advantage is that Fotobounce runs locally on the user’s computer, delivering faster performance and a more enjoyable experience. Because the program resides locally, users also maintain total privacy of their photos without having to upload them to a remote website.

Says Applied Recognition’s President Ray Ganong, “The growth of digital photography and the sharing of these images via social networks such as Facebook is phenomenal. Over 1 billion digital cameras create an astounding number of new images each year. 1&1 customers represent a significant percentage of this market. By partnering with Fotobounce, 1&1 is now able to provide its customers with a tool that makes organizing and sharing their photos even easier and less time consuming.”

For more information about Fotobounce, visit www.fotobounce.com. Specific inquiries or requests for information can be emailed to [email protected] or by contacting Applied Recognition President Ray Ganong at [email protected].

About Applied Recognition
Founded in 2005, Applied Recognition pushes basic science out of the lab and into exciting consumer software applications. We then distribute the software to end users ensuring rapid, widespread adoption and exceptional sales and marketing opportunities for advertisers.

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