Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

worldcloud.com Announces FileMaker 11 Hosting

worldcloud.com, an international provider of cloud computing and dedicated server solutions, is proud to announce immediate availability of FileMaker 11 Hosting on both shared and dedicated platforms.

Citing the advantages of worldcloud.com Filemaker 11 Hosting, Kris Kepple, worldcloud.com Media Relations said “Drawing on the native capabilities of FileMaker 11 Server Advanced, hosting of FileMaker is now possible via your own Java control panel, with access to all features of the database engine including upload database, open/close, view logs, monitor connections. disconnect users, define schedules/scripts, send messages and access to the php Site Assistant. When hosted at worldcloud.com, users will also immediately benefit from the improved Instant Web Publishing (IWP) capabilities of FileMaker Server 11 Advanced. Hosting packages are available in 1-4, 5, and 15 database quotas, as well as Dedicated Server single, dual and triple server deployments for FileMaker Server 11 Advanced. All packages are available on 30 day free-trial.”

Citing the technology advantages of worldcloud.com, Associate Architect Sanjay Rao said “worldcloud.com server platforms are built on Windows 2008 Server and deployed within our HA clustering nodes and 15,000 rpm SAS storage networks – OSX Snow Leopard Server is also available (with additional requirements.) You may select which of the worldcloud.com nodes you wish to house your solution, including the North American Pacific, Central and Eastern regions and time zones. With worldcloud.com’s unique cloud operating system, servers may be floated and cloned between our worldwide nodes as your needs dictate with no loss of your server customizations. Additional nodes worldwide are coming soon and currently in development.”

worldcloud.com has been bringing enterprise cloud computing to FileMaker database solutions for over 16 years and continues to innovate with the highest class hosting platforms available. Building on its international points of presence and distributed cloud computing resources, worldcloud.com is able to provide the highest level of performance, flexibility and reliability across all of its hosted offerings.

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