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GoldKey Launches Secure Cloud Storage

Last week at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA, GoldKey Security Corporation announced the launch of GoldKey Secure Storage, a new security technology targeting cloud computing installations. The technology provides enterprise-class encryption for user data stored in the cloud in special secure storage units called KryptoVaults . Early evaluators consider the new solution to be more secure and much easier to set up and operate than competing technologies.

“One big problem with encryption in the enterprise has been the complexity it imposes on the user experience,” said Roger E. Billings, CEO of GoldKey. “The GoldKey Secure Storage system brings ease of use, manageability and accountability to multi-factor authentication and strong AES encryption – perfect for cloud and utility computing environments, with all their efficiencies and their risks. I believe many users will migrate to GoldKey storage just for the convenience and ease of use.”

“Our clients are anxious to exploit the promise of cloud computing services,” said Daryl C. Plummer, Managing Vice President of Gartner. “The two pieces of the cloud puzzle that don’t quite fit together are storage and security. A practical system for securing cloud-based storage will be of great interest to IT managers everywhere.”

GoldKey Secure Storage represents a new approach to the problem of security in cloud computing, incorporating multifactor authentication, symmetric encryption, multi-tier access for enterprise deployments, and a hardware-based key management system – all managed through a powerful and intuitive user interface.

The breakthrough feature of the technology is the patent pending GoldKey Hierarchical Security Protocol (HSP). HSP utilizes symmetrical key algorithms, making it fast and robust, and supports an innovative key management system securely built into the hardware tokens.

GoldKey Secure Storage isolates data storage in secure containers called KryptoVaults, where the data is stored in encrypted form, unreadable even by GoldKey. A GoldKey token, enabling on-the-fly encryption and decryption, allows transparent, near-realtime access to all the user’s KryptoVaults and files. When the GoldKey is removed from the machine, vault access ends. When another user inserts a GoldKey, a new list is displayed.

Master keys provide the function of managing group access to KryptoVaults, reviewing access logs, and when necessary, disabling user access privileges. Master keys can also unlock files encrypted by registered user tokens and enable the re-creation of individual GoldKeys thereby minimizing the risk of a lost GoldKey or forgotten PIN. With the advent of GoldKey, “secure” flash drives now become an expensive liability.

GoldKey Secure Storage is both Windows and Mac compliant, like the standard security features of GoldKey, currently in use in 27 countries worldwide. Users can purchase GoldKeys with KryptoVaults bundled in the purchase price beginning at under $100; or KryptoVaults can be added or expanded online. For demanding security applications, special hardened KryptoVault servers can be purchased from GoldKey and added to a user’s private network. These units are tamper resistant and tamper evident.

About GoldKey Security Corporation
GoldKey Security Corporation specializes in providing advanced security solutions to government, financial institutions, and other organizations with mission critical data to protect. The GoldKey system provides customers with an Internet-enabled, enterprise-ready platform for securing cloud-based data storage and access. GoldKey’s patent pending HSP technology delivers a tiered architecture that enables organizational flexibility and efficiency, while minimizing data loss. GoldKey Security Tokens are deployed worldwide, with users in over 27 countries. http://goldkey.com/

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