Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Hosted CMS Platform to Quickly Build Dynamic Websites Debuted by Webvanta

Webvanta, the powerful Software as a Service CMS that enables web designers to easily and quickly build hosted dynamic websites, today announced the preview of a new release of the Webvanta platform that gives designers even more control and flexibility to design and manage sophisticated, database-driven websites for their clients without needing a programmer. Webvanta 2.0 will provide more power and flexibility than other hosted CMS solutions, which typically do not support custom databases, and is a more reliable, easier-to-use alternative to open-source offerings such as WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal. Webvanta is the first hosted CMS that enables professional designers to switch to a SaaS solution for high-end business sites.

“As the web has evolved, building sophisticated, content-rich sites demands an ever-broadening range of technical skills. Most web CMS designers are no longer able to build such sites on their own, but must call on programmers to deal with CMS setup and database features. They’ve flocked to WordPress as a simple solution, but they’re hamstrung by its constraints,” said Michael Slater, Webvanta CEO and co-founder. “Webvanta is the first solution that gives them back the power to build leading-edge web sites autonomously, while lowering costs and making it easier to realize their creative visions. We bring the SaaS model to business web sites, which have been stuck in an increasingly strained self-hosted paradigm.”

The Webvanta Solution
Launched just last Fall, after a year of hands on beta testing, Webvanta is a SaaS (software-as-a-service)-based solution designed to alleviate a designer’s ongoing frustrations while enabling them to deliver better business results for themselves and their clients. Designers build pages using their favorite tools, then easily integrate their HTML, CSS, and JS code into the Webvanta system to construct the site. This brings additional layers of capability, such as a full blog system, commenting, photo galleries, calendars, RSS feeds, a membership system, as well as fully customizable database-driven content.
Webvanta’s streamlined administrative interface, in-place editing, and form-based content creation make it easy for clients to make updates on their own, enabling site owners to keep their sites fresh while keeping their costs down and preserving the integrity of their sites’ design.
Webvanta’s hosted CMS eliminates all the hassles of software updates, security risks, backups and systems administration, so designers can focus on design while being assured of reliability.
According to designer Charlie Magee, “Webvanta is the perfect fit for my business. I get the control of using my own CSS and HTML combined with the power of Webvanta’s door into the world of database-backed websites. It’s a win-win for me and for my clients.”
Webvanta 2.0 is now in private beta, with general availability in late March. See the preview page at http://www.webvanta.com/v2. Pricing starts at as little as $15 monthly for use of the CMS and database system, site hosting, monitoring, and top-notch support.
About Webvanta
Founded in 2007 by two former Adobe executives, CEO Michael Slater and CTO Christopher Haupt, Webvanta is at the forefront of the SaaS/web design revolution for business websites. Created for web designers by web programmers, Webvanta’s mission is to provide a radically different type of CMS that marries a powerful back-end system with an easy-to-use hosted service, optimized for the needs of the design community. Every day Webvanta designers are expanding their business, sharing information, and building the next phase of the Web. See how web CMS design is joining the SaaS revolution at: Webvanta.com

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